Faith for Black Lives Rally

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June 2020 Virtual Breakfast Meeting

On Saturday, June 13, the GWCDP held its first ever “Virtual” Breakfast Meeting. Thank you for all who turned out!

It was an informative hour. If you missed it, you can watch the recording below.

But if you’re time-constrained, you can quickly review the slide-deck that was shared.

Our next Virtual Breakfast Meeting will be on Saturday, July 11, at 9 am over on Facebook Live!

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Opinion: NOW is the Time for Action

by Denise Waldrep
candidate for SC House Representative, District 13

How many nights have you waited up for your children, not able to sleep until you know that they’re safely home? We hope that they won’t be in an accident. We hope that they won’t do something foolish that results in harm. Not only do families of color worry about this, but they also experience the fear of their children experiencing overly-aggressive treatment from law enforcement while being stopped for driving while black, running while black, or walking home from school while black. Occupation and wealth are no deterrent. U. S. Senator Tim Scott (SC), was pulled over seven times in one year by police. Senator Scott has urged his colleagues “not to deny the existence of the pain and anguish of problematic police/community relations.” No one has all the answers about how to fix our long standing racial divide. But we can begin by acknowledging the problem and standing with those who have experienced, and are experiencing, systemic racism. Now is the time for action. And sometimes the most appropriate action is to take no action other than to be still and listen.

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Mother to Son 2020

by: Ebony Key
Inspired by Langston Hughes

Come here my son
Let me share a few secrets
Life for you won’t be no crystal stair
The way I see you
And how THEY see you is painfully different
Your gentle spirit
Your intelligent mind
Your melaninated skin and
Your promising smile
Ignites cruelty and injustice
Makes you a target
Wrong place, wrong time

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair
But life for you young King
Will be all but fair
We are in a world where
Foot on your neck
Takes on a whole new meaning
This conversation is hard to give
I want to prepare you for life
And equip you to live
With no regrets
Cautiously haunted by
The question of
Am I next?

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COVID-19 Flare-up in SC

The following message was shared with us by fellow GWCDP member, Dylan Fender:

When it comes to matters of public health, access to timely, accurate and trusted information is important. That’s why we’re reaching out to community leaders like you. With your help, we’re going to get the word out about COVID-19 here in South Carolina. 

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is developing communications toolkits to help support response efforts at the state and community level. 

Our first toolkit provides messaging on the importance of wearing masks to protect yourself and those around you. Our mask toolkit, provides messages, graphics and videos to help: 

  • Ensure current, correct messaging from a trusted source. 
  • Create collateral materials. 
  • Share resources. 

All graphics and suggested messages are available for use on social media, emails, web pages and other platforms. 
Help us stop the spread in the Palmetto State by spreading accurate information, like how to wear a mask. Visit to learn more.   
For more additional outreach and educational materials, click here. 
Together, we are South Carolina strong.

Dylan Fender
Health Educator
Community Systems Team – Upstate
S.C. Dept. of Health & Environmental Control
Cell: (864)-315-7953
Office: (864) 942-3600
Connect:  Facebook  Twitter

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