Newsletter for Nov 11, 2021

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Message from the ChairThe Veterans of the GWCDP have something to share
GWCDP NewsNovember Breakfast Meeting recap
Volunteers of the Month announced
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsSenate redistricting proposal
House redistricting proposal
Our CommunityCokesbury St. cleanup on Saturday
Thanksgiving service project
Legislative UpdatesA Party that DOES something about infrastructure!
Yet more undeserved credit claimed by McMaster
Upcoming Events 

Message from the Chair

Today is not a day that you need to hear anything from me. Instead, I encourage you to take some time to hear directly from six members of the GWCDP who have served our country over the decades. While their experiences are as varied as our nation overall they were all asked the same question at the end of the video yet had very similar responses.

Do you have 12 minutes that you can spare to hear their words today?

Thank you to the following who contributed their time to this video and to all who have heeded the call to serve our country. We are forever in your debt.

Sloan Griffin, Jr – Dr. Bob Phillips – Claudia Thomas 
Chad Farrell – Frank Koczwara – David Gaskin


November Breakfast Meeting recap
Another successful and informational Breakfast Meeting was held on Nov. 6. If you weren’t able to attend, or wish to review some topics, we’ve uploaded the proceedings to YouTube!

Flag donation
Dr. Benjamin E. Mays tribute

Month in Review
Financial update
County Council election
New Director of Voter Engagement
Search & Support
Senate Redistricting
… and a new logo!

1st Vice Chair, Rev. James Thompson, drops some truth on the very important topic of politics mixing with religion.

Volunteer of the Month award
Upcoming events

November Volunteers of the Month announced
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Democratic Party. We were thrilled to recognize Claudia Thomas and Chad Farrell as our Volunteers of the Month for November! They attended their first Breakfast Meeting just this past July but since then they’ve been instrumental in the success of the Floyd’s Fish Fry and have assisted with Breakfast Meetings since. Thank you for your contribution to the cause!

Upcoming Elections & Voting Rights

SC Senate Redistricting
In a surprising proposal, a major shifting of Senate territories has been shared by the SC Senate staff. Greenwood County, which was mostly in District 10 except for a little “finger” that comes down from Anderson, would be fully in District 10 in the new proposal.

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SC Senate and House Redistricting

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Newsletter for Nov 02, 2021

In this Newsletter:

Message from the ChairAmazing accomplishments in 2021!
GWCDP NewsBreakfast Meeting on Nov 6 – new location
Don and Carol Fowler Building Dedication
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsCongrats to District 5 nominee, Sloan Griffin
Ninety Six Municipal Elections today
Our CommunityPartnering with the 8th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach
Cokesbury Street cleanup scheduled
GWCDP sponsors Ales for Trails 5K
SC Stay Plus is now in Greenwood
News & NoteworthyMAT Trans a dream come true for Councilwoman Childs
McMaster basks in undeserved glory
Legislative UpdatesThe truth about the Build Back Better Act
Vote scheduled for John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
Upcoming Events 

Message from the Chair

We have an action-packed newsletter today, so I will keep it brief!

I have the utmost respect for journalists and the news media, and while I abhor the term “fake news” (which means “news I don’t like”) there is psychological evidence that negative news sticks with us more than positive news.

When it comes to the Biden agenda, and living in the South, negative news certainly has obscured the truth of how successful of a year its been! While the Biden Economic Framework doesn’t have everything we had helped for, it is STILL the most progressive piece of legislation proposed in decades! What’s in it?

Do yourself a favor and take 80 seconds to listen to Jon Favreau (of Pod Save America and former Obama speechwriter) lay this out in the clearest manner I’ve heard so far. Make sure also to see Sen. Chris Murphy’s writeup at the end of this newsletter for an enlightening hypothetical conversation about the Biden Administration’s accomplishments this year.

And finally – please share! Information is a light in the darkness, but it needs YOUR help to make it shine.


Breakfast Meeting on Nov 6 – new location!

Our next Breakfast meeting is coming up this weekend and there’s a location change –  for a good reason!

We will be meeting from 9 am to 10 am on Saturday, November 6 at the Boys & Girls Club cafeteria (the same place where the Floyd’s Fish Fry was held). The new location and shortened time will allow us to participate in the special celebration of the Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Historical Preservation Site which starts at 10 am right next door! This is part of a 3-day set of events to mark this important occasion. 

Guest speakers at our Breakfast Meeting include:

  • Rev. James Thompson (retired), 1st Vice Chair of GWCDP
  • JaDasia Mitchell, GWCDP intern
  • GWCDP Chair, Bill Kimler, with an announcement of a special resolution from the Executive Committee

We’ll also have important updates, food, and socialization aplenty. Mark your calendars and then come on out for these great back-to-back activities!

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SC Stay Plus now in Greenwood!

From our friend, Mary Geren, comes information about this vital program!

I serve as an advocate for renters, but this program benefits renters, property owners, and our economy at large. Many potential applicants are simply unaware that this assistance exists, which is where I come in. I have been tasked with promoting and amplifying the program and helping applicants navigate the cumbersome application process.

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 1, I will be at the Greenwood Food Bank, and my office hours will typically be 10:30-3:00 Tuesday-Thursday. I usually take one remote work day per week and would communicate that information as needed. I am also open to rotating my presence with other agencies and/or setting up pop-up sites at special events, etc. So, if you know of possible pop-up locations, please let me know.

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about this much needed assistance.

Click either of the images below to be taken to a larger version.

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That’s the truth

We hear about the struggles to get massive legislation passed in DC and and several express frustration as we see all the gory details of “how the sausage gets made” played out in the media.

But this year truly has been a tremendous one for the Democratic agenda. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has captured it perfectly!

What if, on Inauguration Day, I told you that in his first year, Joe Biden would cut childhood poverty in half?

That’s a good year 1,” you might reply.

Ok what if he also got the GOP to agree to the biggest infrastructure bill in the nation’s history?

No way!” you’d say.

What if I told you he ALSO got the biggest ever investment in clean energy through a fiercely divided Congress?

You’re pulling my leg”, you would say.

No, I would reply. And now I’m going to blow your mind, I would continue.

Guess what else he did?

He got funding for 1 MILLION new affordable housing units.

He put the biggest ever investment in anti-gun violence programs.

He cut the cost of child care by $10,000 for low and middle income families.

Whatever”, you would scoff. “All that is impossible in one year.

Oh, and did I leave out that he got universal preschool passed – for all 3 and 4 year olds? He did that too.

Stop,” you might complain.

Also he ended corporate tax avoidance. Amazon will finally pay taxes.

No President could do ALL that in ONE year”, you would say.

When we pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act, Joe Biden and this Democratic Congress will have made 2021 the most consequential legislative year, with the biggest positive impact on American families, in generations.

That’s the truth.

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