Opinion: Unable to Sleep

by Aza Games

I find myself unable to sleep on the nights when the energy in the country is so volatile. When I do, I dream of unrest and injustice, among other things.

I have been limiting my consumption, setting aside time to both witness and do what I can.

And setting aside time to step away, because I have that luxury.

My heart hurts for George Floyd, his family, for every single (black) American who has been subject to this treatment because for some reason in 2020 we still have to fight systemic racism.

A few thoughts I had, a few things I’ve learned:

Paid protesters are a thing, used to incite violence so that people who don’t look any deeper than a few heavily right wing articles believe that the sole purpose of the protests is looting and burning. A much smaller portion of people are doing that, and many are actively trying to stop it.

But just like ‘good cops’ don’t make the news, peaceful protest doesn’t either.
And on that note, you can have 10 bad cops and 1,000 good ones, but if those 1,000 stand by ‘just following orders’ (or whatever other excuse while their compatriots kill innocent people) you now have 1,010 bad cops. A civilian interfering in an arrest is not going to end well or be effective. Another officer saying “That’s too far” should be what is expected.

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The Best Possible Tomorrow

by Denise Waldrep
candidate for SC House Representative, District 13

This week we celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2020 and the promise of their tomorrows. We also honor the lives of the fallen heroes who gave up their tomorrows for our today. Let’s honor these heroes by working together to paint the best possible tomorrow for the Class of 2020. We must walk the walk, not just talk the talk, of working for the common good.

If we’re in quarantine during this unsettling time of dealing with a virus that we cannot see, we might be “walking the walk” in our PJ’s with bad home haircuts and a few extra corona quarantine pounds! Nevertheless, we will persist through Zoom and Webex meetings to work toward getting equal and affordable telehealth care access for all. We can see the early fruits of this endeavor at DHEC’s web site.

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E is for Education

When I settled on the decision to run for Chair of the GWCDP (and after receiving buy-in from Michael, Mei, and Matthew to join with me) I sat down to do some serious thinking as to what our platform should be.

What should be the overall themes be for our Party leadership over the next two years?

After doing some freestyle brainstorming and organizing of thoughts, the pattern became clear. There were 4 pillars of activities that will drive our activities going forward:

  • Education
  • Unification
  • Participation
  • Communication

In this post, I’d like to share some ideas around Education: How can we help our members become more informed about the political issues of the day, the candidates we support, and the processes around voting and running for office?

This website and the associated social media platforms (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) will continue to grow with useful up-to-date information as well as provide a wealth of resources you can visit over and over. Find links to various Resources around Greenwood, SC political groups, elected official and candidate. Learn about registering to vote and how to apply for absentee ballots. Read up on the Democratic candidates that we support in November.

See our write-up in the May 5, 2020 newsletter for the links to these outlets and follow or share!

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I just requested an Absentee Ballot and you should too!

This past week resulted in the fantastic news out of Columbia that for the June 9, 2020 primaries, everybody is entitled to an Absentee, mail-in ballot without needing to provide one of the normal excuses that are part of South Carolina voting laws.

I just submitted my Absentee Ballot request today. Read below to see how straightforward it is.

This article assumes a couple of things:

  • You have a Printer that you can print to
  • You are able to open a PDF file

If either of those are not possible, you can e-mail us (info@gwdcountydems.org) or call us (864-715-2341) and we’ll do our best to assist you. You always can reach out to the Greenwood County Voter Registration office directly at (864) 942-8521

Step 1: Go to SCVotes.org

SCVotes.org is run by the South Carolina Election Commission. They’ve done a fantastic job creating a clear & complete reference for all things related to elections in SC.

Navigate to that site and click “Get My Absentee Application”.

Step 2: Request an Application

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Why Does the Census Matter?

borrowed from the City Government of Greenwood, South Carolina

  • The census is about representation in the US House of Representatives and where district lines are drawn for state and municipal representation. SC is not projected to gain or lose a seat in the 2020 census.
  • The census is about money. SC receives trillions of dollars through federal programs that are funded based on formulas using census data.
  • The census is about economic development and disaster recovery. Census data is used to determine where employers decide to locate, where broadband internet is installed, and what resources are needed in areas for economic stimulus.


  • All households who have not already completed the census should receive a paper form by May 15.
  • Anyone can go online to www.my2020census.gov and complete the census, even if they don’t have their 12 digit identification.
  • To complete the 2020 Census over the phone with a Census Questionnaire Assistance representative, call 1-844-330-2020.
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