August Breakfast Meeting Photos

We had an amazing meeting the first Saturday of the month! There were representatives from the campaigns of Senator Harris, former Representative O’Rourke, and Senator Warren. After they finished speaking, we tackled some serious issues in our community. We had some great discussions. Now it’s time for great actions!

Photos courtesy of Anne Gunby, George Swindell and Linda Neely

















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Letter From the Chair

Hello GWC Democrats,

I want to thank each of you who attended the South Carolina 2019 State Convention. All of you newcomers, our young people, as well as our faithful represented and then some! I hope you had an unforgettable experience. I have had one of our young folk ask to attend the National, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am to try to honor that request. We have much work to do, and I know Greenwood Democrats are up to the task.


The T-shirts sold like they were gold during the lunch break. I did not get lunch for selling shirts. Had I not had to go back into the convention, I would have sold out. We only have one bin full now, and Abbeville, Laurens and Saluda will be sending me their requests. We will be making great use of these shirts for canvassing and marching. My desire is no matter where you canvas in the state we will all be identified. This will also help with safety when knocking on doors. Call me to get yours before they are all gone.


My wife and I will be vacationing in Aruba for a short period of time. I will see you all on July 6th at our monthly meeting.



Charles Lewis


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From the Desk of the Chair

Hello Greenwood Democrats,

I was pleased to learn from First Vice Denise Waldrep that you had a very successful meeting earlier this month. I was not sleeping in. I had another engagement that I had not attended in years because our meeting times are the same.

I wanted to update you on some very important upcoming events. I am still working for this party about as hard as anyone can expect, and I do encourage you to hold on. Do not give way to negativity. Keep your eyes on the prize: November 2020. In order to make that a reality for Democrats, we must put in the work. I have taken the opportunity to make a presentation to County Council and attend Chamber meetings. For those who may not know, the Greenwood Democratic Party is now a member of the Chamber. As I told the Executive Committee, in order to keep up with what is going on in this town we must subscribe to the organization that makes it happen. In the past, we would always find out about events afterwards, when we saw them in the paper. This has changed with our membership. I was present when Sen. Nicholson received his honor of being inducted into the Chamber Hall of Fame. I was there when the firm looking for a Superintendent gave their presentation to the school board. I learned about these events from the Chamber site.

Most of you know Garrett McDaniel, South Carolina Congressional Democratic candidate for House Seat 14. We met him at our February meeting. I called a meeting with the Laurens County Chair along with some of our Executive Committee members and Garrett at Break on the Lake to find out how we could help him in his primary. Last Monday I met with the Laurens Democratic Party Chair along with Garrett McDaniel. Now that the Primary is over and the special election is just around the corner, I have asked Dr. Bob and his Committee (Search and Support) to meet with Garrett to work on issues that he mentioned needing help with and also look into finding a candidate for the recently vacated City Council seat. Please let Dr. Bob know of anyone you think would fit the bill.

I want to remind you that one of our largest fund raisers of the year, Fish and Dogs, is coming up the first weekend in May. Mr. Danny McCormack is the Committee Chair. Please call Danny if you would like to do some work. That is exactly what he and those on his committee have signed up for. If you would like to contribute to moving this party forward, this is one example of how you could do it. Please contact Danny or anyone on his committee for details. Remember, we cannot do any of this without all of us working together. Mr. Claude Wright will be assisting with his famous fish seasoning, which will keep you coming back again and again. Now we just need you to all get out and sell some tickets!

As you may know, the Carnell / Drummond Dinner, our fall event, is also just around the corner. We need a chair for the planning committee. Please be reminded that all funds collected from these events and during monthly meetings are set aside primarily to open a headquarters during the general election. The cost of the headquarters for the 2016 election, located in a storefront, was $700 a month. That does not include the cost of insurance, lights, telephone line, and cable to watch the results. Other spending information during the year can be obtained by contacting our treasurer, George Swindell.

I am truly excited about the upcoming Fish and Dogs and the chance to spend a beautiful summer day with you all.

Charles Lewis
2020 SC BLUE

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Compassionate Care Act Call to Action

The sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act bill, Sen. Tom Davis, is seeking input from his stakeholders prior to the bill being moved into the Medical Affairs full committee. The next hearing is scheduled for March 13. Sen. Davis needs full vetting of the bill from the subcommittee members to get it pushed through committee. There is still time to make a difference, as crossover for the bill isn’t until April 10. Therefore, movement hasn’t been stalled, just delayed for more research to be done.
Jill Swing, the founder of the South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance, says the most helpful thing to do at this point would be to have Democrats draft a letter or adopt a resolution in support of the bill and ask Senator Floyd Nicholson and any other Democrats in the area to sign on as a cosponsor. There is a similar bill in the House, sponsored by Rep. Peter McCoy, that Democrats could ask Representative Anne Parks to cosponsor.
Senator Floyd Nicholson:
610 Gressette Bldg.
Columbia 29201
Business Phone: (803) 212-6040
Representative Anne Parks
434D Blatt Bldg.
Columbia 29201
Business Phone: (803) 734-3069

“Medical marijuana could become legal in SC, but you won’t be allowed to smoke it”

“While dispensaries would be located in every South Carolina county, the marketing and smoking of leaf marijuana would be prohibited. Only products derived from marijuana, such as oils and topical creams, could be marketed or purchased.
The bill mirrors a version passed by key House and Senate committees last year. However, the legislative session expired before it could be debated on the floor of the S.C. Senate or S.C. House.”

For a summary of the bill:


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URGENT! Change of venue for Breakfast Meeting this Saturday!

We received word yesterday morning that Lander would be unable to host us at our regular time this Saturday, so we have relocated the meeting to Montague’s from 9-11 AM. Montague’s is located at 115 Hampton Ave, Ste N, 29646. The cost of the breakfast will be $10. Please try to bring exact change if at all possible. Please help spread the word!

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