Carnell-Drummond-Mays Dinner 2020

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GWCDP Virtual Breakfast Meeting Sept 12, 9 am

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Ladies & gentlemen, I am speechless with excitement. I was on a work call when I saw the headlines about Joe Biden’s choice for Vice President and hung up because I just had to dance with joy! When Kamala came through Greenwood last year on Veterans Day, she blew everyone away with her presence and her message. She’s a fighter who will have Joe’s back. And I know we’ve got hers.

I must have been the only one at the Hut that day who didn’t get a picture with Kamala. I’m so happy for those of you who now get to show off your portrait of soon-to-be VP Harris (and very likely President Harris 4 years after that – can you imagine?)

As Representative Anne Parks told President Obama when he was first campaigning for the presidency, if you want to be President, “Come to Greenwood.” And is it any coincidence that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris indeed came through Greenwood, SC in November, 2019?

Joe Biden is not a perfect person. But I had confidence that he, unlike the current WH occupant, would surround himself with truly the best & brightest for his administration so that collectively we can get our Country back on the right track and restore her Spirit which has been under attack these past four years. Today’s announcement confirms that my confidence was well placed. Go Joe! 

With the Vice Presidential pick announced, we at the Greenwood County Democratic Party will be going to press with thousands of Voters Guides to distribute throughout Greenwood County to highlight the wealth of Democratic candidates running to make our City, our County, our State, and our Country the best it can be for all.

We, and more importantly our candidates, can use your help!

  • Sign up to Volunteer: Help register voters and/or distribute our Voters’ Guides.
  • Contribute monetarily to help with the printing costs of these guides and other mailers/advertisements we’re planning.  

We are FIRED UP and READY TO GO for Biden-Harris!

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A lawless country

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The Passing of Rudolph Wise, former GWCDP Chair

Thank you to Executive Committeewoman, Catherine Swindell, for the research.

The Greenwood County Democratic Party has been in existence since just after World War 2. It has been home to many distinguished members and leaders in Greenwood and we stop for a moment to recognize the recent passing of Rudolph Wise, the first African-American Chair of the GWCDP.

Rudolph was elected Chair in 1988, the same year that Michael Dukakis won the Democratic Presidential nomination (losing to George Bush Sr that November). Rudolph was a teacher at Greenwood High School at the time and unseated 2-term Chair, Durell Bowie, in the County Convention in March 1988. He served as Chair through 1994.

photo attributed to the Index-Journal

On February 29, 2020, as South Carolina launched Joe Biden to the official Democratic Presidential nomination, Rudolph Wise passed into eternal rest at the age of 86. We’re grateful for the positive influence he had on the countless number of students whose lives he had touched over the decades. We also thank him for his service to the Greenwood County Democratic Party.

Rest in Peace, Chairman Wise.

Do you have personal memories of Rudolph Wise’s time with the Greenwood County Democratic Party? Let us know and be part of this digital remembrance at

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