Newsletter for Jul 21, 2021

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Message from the ChairI’m a socialist, communist, Marxist???
GWCDP NewsFloyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout tickets on sale now!
July Breakfast Meeting recap
Volunteer of the Month announced
Search & Support Committee meeting
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsRedistricting is underway
Ninety Six elections in November
Our Community2nd Annual Black Market Commerce Event
Ware Shoals children’s fundraiser a success!
Precinct Leader Info Session on Monday
News & NoteworthyPoll workers needed for 2022
Legislative UpdatesChild tax credit expansion
Upcoming Events

Message from the Chair

Crazy. Just crazy.

Recently, Rep. John McCravy stirred up passions about how critical race theory “must not be allowed to pollute the minds of our children in school”. 

I really wish I could trace backwards how this became the Crisis Du Jour (“crisis of the day”) because Critical Race Theory has been around for 40 years as an advanced subject taught in law and graduate schools. I commented on Rep McCravy’s thread as such and assured all that our children were safe from this invented social concern.

Well, that certainly didn’t go over so well.

I was immediately called a communist, a socialist, and a Marxist by strangers on the internet. I really wish they would get together and make up their minds! But honestly, those attacks are so predictable and boring at this point. None of them know the anything about those terms they tried to insult me with, let alone the first thing about Critical Race Theory. But what it does expose is “white fragility” about coming to honest terms with our country’s past and how it continues to impact the present.

letter-to-the-editor in the Index Journal recently shows how far we collectively have to go. In this letter, the author made the argument that the replacement of the plaque on the Greenwood War Memorial with one that did not segregate the soldiers names by race was criminal: 

“…the sad part is that the significance of those listed as “colored” has been erased from history.”

The author then went on to decry how Critical Race Theory has been forced into our schools and is enslaving our children! Huh??? I guess history should only be taught through racist monuments and nowhere else.

Oh… did I mention that the letter writer happens to be on the Greenwood County Board of Assessment Appeals? Get involved and run for something! Otherwise, this craziness will continue to spread.


Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout tickets on sale now!
You won’t want to miss this celebration of the legendary servant of Greenwood County, Floyd Nicholson. Tickets can be conveniently purchased online here or you can call the number on the poster below.

Click above image to see a larger version of the poster.

July Breakfast Meeting Recap
On the morning of Saturday, Jul 10, we held our first in-person Breakfast Meeting in over a year on the lawn of gracious hosts Robert and Ken Headley Downs. Exceeding all expectations, over 80 were in attendance to hear a slate of amazing speakers and to be informed on what’s happening with the GWCDP. The Index-Journal had a great writeup about it last week.

If you missed it, all of the segments were recorded so that you can watch at your leisure.

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In-Person Breakfast Meeting, Saturday, July 10, 9 am

We can’t begin to tell you how FIRED UP! and READY TO GO! we are to hold our first in-person Breakfast Meeting tomorrow morning.

We have an amazing lineup of speakers who are coming in from all over South Carolina to inform and inspire us.

Angela Geter is running for US Senate to replace Tim Scott in Nov 2022.  She is a small business owner, a military veteran, and Chair of the Spartanburg County Democratic Party.

Candy Fletcher is an Executive Producer of the upcoming two-part documentary “Downing of a Flag“. From their Facebook page:

Through firsthand interviews covering multiple perspectives, “Downing of a Flag” will provide a comprehensive historical examination of the presence of the Confederate flag at the South Carolina State House.

Jalen Elrod is the newly elected 3rd Vice Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He has a strong track record of activism and community organization. You can read a special article written about him recently in Greenville Online.

Greenville’s Jalen Elrod, and the fight to save Black communities from erasure by gentrification

Johanna Bishop is a Trustee on the Greenwood District 50’s School Board and a Real Estate agent serving multiple counties in the region.

She will share with us her story about running for a locally elected position and the importance for people to get involved at every level!

Please RSVP here (or call/text 864-715-2341) so that we can get an accurate headcount for food and beverages.

This will be held outdoors, so please bring your own chair (location address will be provided upon RSVP).

Parking is limited, so we ask that the more able-bodied park further away and walk to the event to allow those members who are not as mobile to have less distance to travel. ARRIVE EARLY – proceedings will begin on-time!

WE CAN’T WAIT to see everyone again!

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Newsletter for July 1, 2021

In this Newsletter:

Message from the ChairTaxation without representation – a 4th of July message
GWCDP NewsPrecinct Recruitment Info Session this Saturday
In-person Breakfast Meetings resume
Democratic gathering at the Taylors
Interact with us on Facebook!
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsNinety Six elections in November
SCDP’s Register 46 Project
Our CommunityAdopt-a-Highway cleanup event a success!
Ware Shoals Children Enrichment Fundraiser
United Way offering Rental Assistance Program
News & NoteworthyReal ID still really happening 
Upcoming Events 

Message from the Chair

Happy 4th of July!

Almost 250 years ago, our founding fathers declared this nation’s independence from the oppressive rule of England. The Second Continental Congress of the 13 Colonies publicly stated NO MORE taxation without representation.

Today, that battle cry still rings true. 700,000 residents of Washington, DC pay federal tax and yet have no voting representation in Congress. Same holds true for numerous US territories whose sons and daughters have sacrificed their lives defending our country.

Even in the 50 recognized States, the march towards a representative body that accurately represents the population has been slow. Too slow!

In South Carolina, only a little over half the votes cast were for Donald Trump for President in 2020. The numbers were even tighter for US Senate. Yet thanks to gerrymandering, over 65% of the SC Senate and House are held by Republican legislators. Representation indeed!

While we still struggle to have our voices heard, we will continue to fight for our freedoms and the freedoms of others to pursue our dreams and practice our beliefs, doing so without needing to discriminate or oppress others in the process. And like the founding fathers, we will, through hard work and dedication, succeed!


Precinct Recruitment Info Session this Saturday
If you’re looking to get involved with the Greenwood Democrats, raising your hand to be a Precinct Leader is a perfect way to do so!

This Saturday (Jul 3) at 9 am, meet virtually with the GWCDP Chair to learn what it means to be a “Precinct Leader”. See our CRAWL-WALK-RUN method that will gradually make your precinct a powerfully active part of the Greenwood County Democratic Party.

  • Why is it important?
  • What does it involve?
  • How much experience is needed?
  • How much time commitment will it require?

Click on the image below to sign up and join this 30 minute info session!

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Newsletter for Jun 22, 2021

In this Newsletter:

Message from the ChairAn “off season” is when we need to be ON!
GWCDP NewsIn-person Breakfast Meetings to resume in July
Volunteer of the Month
Precinct Leader recruitment continues
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsUS Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews visits
US Senate Candidate Angela Geter to speak
Senate voting on S1 “For the People Act”
Our CommunityAdopt-a-Highway activity this Saturday
Ware Shoals Children’s Enrichment fundraiser
News & NoteworthyFormer 1st Vice Chair Michael Gaskin honored
Puppet Parade for America
Legislative UpdatesSC Budget and restrictions on educational freedom
Denying reality & Obstructing the Truth
Upcoming Events 

Message from the Chair

They say the year after a Presidential Election is the toughest for engaging people in political discussions and community activism. That certainly was NOT the case in 2017 after Trump was elected! But I fear there may be some truth to that here in 2021.

However, I personally cannot seem to get away from it. Even while on a recent vacation at the beach, an anti-Asian hate crime took place just yards from where I sat! Every day, I feel a tremendous sense of urgency to get working towards the 2022 elections. This is the time where we need to be building up strength, getting our organization skills honed, and recruiting strong candidates to run.

I’ve reached the limit of what I can do as an individual. But with YOUR support, as a volunteer or as a financial donor, there’s no limit to the amount of positive change we can enact. Just read below for a number of ways in which you can get involved!

I can assure you of this: The other side is NOT standing still! They are active right now on a number of fronts: From restricting the discussion of race in the classroom to preventing voting rights legislation from getting through with constant filibustering. You have the choice and the ability to fight back. Don’t wait for someone else – it’s got to be you! And you! And you! Together we can!


In-person Breakfast Meetings to resume in July
We are excited to resume holding in-person Breakfast Meetings! The last 14 months of Virtual Breakfasts were fun, but thanks to the vaccination efforts this year it has been deemed appropriate to hold live gatherings again.

We are thankful to Robert and Ken Headley Downs for offering their spacious lawn for our meeting on July 10 at 9 am. We have an incredible lineup of speakers with US Senate Candidate Angela Geter headlining!

Please RSVP online or call/text (864) 715-2341 as soon as possible so that we can have an accurate headcount. We are also sending out a massive postcard blitz this week, so you are getting the inside scoop today. Reserve your spot now! We can’t wait to see you there!

click the image below to see a larger version of the poster

Volunteer of the Month
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Democratic Party. It’s due to their hard work and dedication that we’re able to speak our message and support our candidates and elected officials.

Dr. Bob Phillips has been a cornerstone member, helping at every event and creating opportunities for the Greenwood Democrats to make a difference. We are thrilled to recognize him as our Volunteer of the Month for June!

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Why are conservatives terrified of Critical Race Theory? Monday Musings 2021-06-21

It can be exhausting at times to keep track of what cultural issue of the week is being completely misunderstood, misconstrued, and irrationally outraged against.

The latest cultural boogeyman? Something called “Critical Race Theory”. 

What is it? To be honest – I’m not qualified to explain it to you completely and accurately. All I know is that it’s an academic concept that’s more than 40 years old. It’s something that PhD candidates research and write about – studying the intersection of law, economic, sociology, literature, etc to find connections between all of them that lead to built-in disadvantages for parts of our society that may not be as in-your-face obvious as segregated water fountains or discriminatory lending practices.

Opponents of Critical Race Theory don’t even know what they are opposing! Let’s take Senator Tim Scott for example. Recently he stated “America is not a racist country”.

He, and many others, would like everyone to think that there are no limitations in this county. That any obstacles to success are solely due to one’s lack of work ethic and determination. Senator Tim Scott points to his own success as an example. 

Why then why would there need to be “Opportunity Zones” – a program he LOVES to tout? By definition, Opportunity Zones are a program “to spur economic growth and job creation in low-income communities.” 

Senator Scott also touted the Trump Administration’s prison and sentencing reform with the “First Step Act”. And guess which group of American citizens are most caught up with incarceration?

In 2018, black Americans represented 33% of the sentenced prison population, nearly triple their 12% share of the U.S. adult population. Whites accounted for 30% of prisoners, about half their 63% share of the adult population. 

Pew Research Center

Don’t we think it’s worth studying and teaching about how minority communities become economically distressed? Can’t we research and converse about how black Americans come to be so disproportionately put behind bars?

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