Newsletter for Oct 14, 2021

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Message from the ChairWe are more than our opinions
GWCDP NewsOctober Breakfast meeting in the books!
Welcome to our first intern, JaDasia Mitchell!
Denise Waldrep accepts role as Director of Voter Engagement
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsCandidate information for County Council District 5
ACLU sues SC over redistricting process
Our CommunityMission Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness
Piedmont Tech & SC Works Job Fair
News & NoteworthyBiden-Harris Administration’s announce detailed policies in support of HBCUs
Legislative UpdatesChamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon

Message from the Chair

I have had the profound privilege to be a member of the “Racial Justice League”, a group founded by Donald Burton, local activist and president of Dream Builders. This group of volunteers has exploring ways to promote Conversation, Education, Collaboration and Action for racial justice in our community.

I want to give special credit to the recent contributions to this effort made by Rev Alexis Carter Thomas, whom we had the pleasure of interviewing at a previous Virtual Breakfast Meeting.

One of the insights she helped bring to our group is that even though we came together under a common cause, we still have differences in opinions among us. Before we can consider ourselves strong enough as a group to discuss racial justice out in the community, we had to first develop stronger bonds between ourselves and get to know each other beyond just our political and social beliefs.

In one exercise, we share stories about our mother’s mothers. We got to know each other in terms of a personal history, generational journeys that led us to where we are today! Before we tackle difficult topics on race, gender, love, religion, and so on, we had to first get to know and respect each other as humans. Failure to do that means we only see each other in terms of soundbites or social media posts. And when we do that, we end up inserting our own preconceptions to who people are and lose the opportunity to truly get to know them.

We have tough conversations ahead and if we are to have any chance of making progress and finding common ground, we need to develop strong relationships that can survive a difference of opinion..


October Breakfast meeting in the books!
On Saturday, Oct 2, the GWCDP held its monthly Breakfast Meeting at the Morris Chapel Baptist Church. Video of the proceedings have been uploaded to our YouTube channel if you were not able to make it. You can also click on the images below to watch a particular segment.

GWCPD Chair, Bill Kimler, provided updates about the wildly successful Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout featuring Mia McLeod, Joe Cunningham’s visit to Greenwood, and testifying about SC House Redistricting

Tom Melson, candidate for Greenwood County Council, District 5, spoke about his campaign to the members of the GWCDP.

Sloan Griffin, candidate for Greenwood County Council, District 5, also spoke about his campaign and vision for the district.

John Kraljevich, Chair of the York County Democratic Party, shared his experience running for State House in 2018, piloting the Register 46 Project, and the rapid response behind the Travis Price arrest incident over the summer.

The GWCDP also recognized George Swindell as the October Volunteer of the Month for his years of service on the Executive Committee as Treasurer and for his extraordinary efforts to make the 1st Annual Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout a success. Thank you for all you do, George!

Welcome to our first intern, JaDasia Mitchell!

We have recently partnered with Lander University to host an internship program for students looking to gain real-world experience with campaigning, issue research, digital communication, and data analysis.

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What caused the Haitian Refugee Crisis?

The following writeup comes from Jenn Budd, a former Senior Border Patrol Agent and Senior Intelligence agent and currently is an immigrant rights activist.

This is why the Haitian refugees came: political operatives spread rumors in migrant communities saying one specific area is accepting Haitians or Central Americans.

It is what happened in November 2018 when Trump wanted it to look like the border was out of control to enact a national emergency. This was when former Chief Rodney Scott ordered agents to lob tear gas and pepper bullets at Central American women and children. Political operatives spread rumors the port was accepting asylum applications. They went to apply for asylum and got gassed.

I know about the rumors because I know photographers who were in the camp. This was the result:

Two and a half months later, Trump uses it to enact national border emergency and former Chief Provost retired, Rodney Scott was rewarded with the Chief position.

As this article states, the rumor of asylum is what started the Haitian refugees to come:

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Newsletter for Sept 27, 2021

In this Newsletter:

Message from the ChairI agree with Congressman Jeff Duncan?
GWCDP NewsGubernatorial candidates swing through Greenwood
Recap of the 1st Annual Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout
Breakfast Meeting on Oct 2!
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsGreenwood County Council District 5 Candidates
Redistricting hearings in Greenwood
Compromised Voting Rights Bill in Congress
News & NoteworthyWomen’s March in Greenville on Oct 2
Upcoming events 

Message from the Chair

Who knew Congressman Jeff Duncan was such an avid reader of the Index Journal? Unfortunately, he took exception to a recent Editorial pointing out the silliness of the “letters of impeachment” members of the Republican Congress have been filing – not over crimes like attempting to sell arms to a foreign country in exchange for damaging information on a political opponent or for inciting an insurrection at the nation’s Capital. Nope, elected officials like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jeff Duncan (what a pair!) just don’t like the job President Biden is doing.

Our Congressman wrote:

“On Afghanistan, I supported both President Trump and President Biden’s plan to withdraw forces, but how you finish matters.”

Well, on that last statement, I wholeheartedly agree with Congressman Duncan! So let’s quickly review how things finished under Trump’s presidency:

  • stock market performance that trailed that of Obama & Clinton
  • A COVID vaccine that lacked a federal logistical distribution plan
  • 2020 GDP of -3.7% (that’s a negative sign, folks)
  • A nation far more divided, as seen on the steps of the nation’s capitol on Jan 6
  • Finally, as Kayleigh McEnany (former Press Secretary under Trump) accidentally pointed out, the U.S. murder rate more than tripled during Trump’s final year of office.

What a finish to brag about!


Gubernatorial candidates swing through Greenwood
In a single 7-day period, Greenwood was host to two of the Democratic challengers for SC Governor!

We hope you were able to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know our candidates better as we have a tough choice to make between several very strong Democratic contenders on June 14, 2022 in the SC Democratic Primary election.

SC Senator Mia McLeod was first to visit, headlining the 1st Annual Floyd’s Fish Fry (more on that event below). Video of her full speech is available on our YouTube page. You can learn more about and contribute to Mia’s campaign at

Former Congressman Joe Cunningham stopped by for a Clemson football watch party at Montague’s the following Saturday. He had a busy day upstate starting at the McCormick County Fish Fry and concluding in Greenville for a Gamecocks watch party.

You can catch Joe’s speech on our YouTube page as well and then visit his campaign web site

Recap of the 1st Annual Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout

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1st Annual Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout in the Books!

With the delivery of the final prize to the last raffle winner, we declare the 1st Annual Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout to be fully closed-out and an amazing part of GWCDP history!

You can read more about the event and watch videos of all of the speakers here.

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A Pared Down Voting Rights Bill

The following writeup came from Walter Shaub, Senior Ethics Fellow at Project On Government Oversight and former Director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

The Joe Manchin voting rights bill HAS TO PASS because voting rights are under attack. For that reason, I’ll support it. But let’s be clear about the flimflam the Senate Dems behind this watered down just pulled.

They took out ALL of HR1’s ethics provisions. EVERY LAST ONE! Here are SOME of the provisions they felt were deal-breakers and had to be removed. These are provisions that the House of Representatives passed. But the Senate? No, this was a bridge too far for these Senators. Somebody should ask them why!


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