June 28 – Post-Primaries Newsletter

The Primaries are behind us.

Vision, Clarity, and Conviction for November!

In this Newsletter:

  • The Democratic Nominees on the Greenwood Ballot in November
  • Upcoming Events
  • Fish & Dogs fundraiser – a big Thank You!
  • Michael Gaskin Campaign Kickoff
  • In Memoriam

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The Democratic Nominees on the Greenwood Ballot in November

The Primaries are behind us. Congratulations to Mary Geren and James Smith on their victories! We also thank Hosea Cleveland, Phil Noble, and Marguerite Willis for their campaigns and the time they spent with us in Greenwood.

We now have names of those who are running to represent us at the County, State, and National levels. We will strive to learn about our Candidates, engage them in discussions that are important to you and your community, and support them in spreading the word, helping out financially or engaging in grass-roots efforts.

Over the next few months, we at the GWCDP will do our best to help you learn who the people are behind the names on the Ballot. We will look to bring those candidates here to Greenwood to give you a chance to meet and talk with them in person.

Here are the slate of Democratic Candidates that will appear on our ballots in November:

  • Edith S Childs – County Council, District 01
  • Melissa Spencer – County Council District, 03
  • Anne Parks – State House of Representatives, District 12
  • Michael Gaskin – State House of Representatives, District 13
  • Travis W Moore – Probate Judge
  • Melvin T Whittenburg – Secretary of State
  • Constance Anastopoulo – Attorney General
  • Israel Romero – State Superintendent of Education
  • Rosalyn L Glenn – State Treasurer
  • James Smith – Governor
  • Mary Geren – U.S. House of Representatives, District 03

We will be featuring these individuals in future newsletters as well as on Social Media. You can start to learn about these Candidate now by visiting our Turn SC Blue! page.

Finally, THANK YOU to the members of our Party who gave their time to be Poll Workers for the Primaries as well as having the fortitude to come back a second time for the Republican runoffs (because of course, they couldn’t get it right the first time ?).

Upcoming Events

Monday, July 2, 7 pm – 8 pm
Mary Geren for Congress
Greenwood Volunteer Meeting

Are you interested in helping elect Mary in November? Whether you can volunteer every once in a while or can commit to 10-15 hours a week, come out to the Greenwood Library, Conference Room #2 (2nd floor) to learn how to get involved.

We will be holding these meetings across the district over the next couple weeks. To stay updated on ways to volunteer, please sign up at marygeren.com. (Note: You do not need to sign up in advance to attend the meeting on Monday.)
Saturday, July 7, 9:00 am
We will be back at the Inn on the Square for our July Breakfast meeting! This month, we will have an Open Forum to discuss and rank the issues that are most important to our County Democratic Party. We will use this feedback to engage with our Candidates and help them succeed in our Community.

October (Date & Time to be determined)
Planning for our formal annual Carnell-Drummond Dinner is underway.

We will soon be organizing the Planning Committee, so if you are interested in leading or participating, please contact us right away, info@gwdcountydems.org!

Fish & Dogs fundraiser – a big Thank You!

On June 9, we held our annual Fish & Dogs Cookout at the Emma Gaskin Magnolia Park. Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, the Candidates who traveled to speak with us, the generosity of those who donated money, food and prizes, and the amazing turnout of fellow Democrats in Greenwood County, we blew the attendance record of last year’s event!

The funds raised at this cookout will go directly to helping us drive Voter Education activities and to help our Candidates win in November.

We’ve already begun planning for next year’s event. If you wish to be part of the 2019 Fish & Dogs Committee, please contact our new Committee Chair, Danny McCormack (mccormackD3@gmail.com).

Michael Gaskin Campaign Kickoff

Michael Gaskin, Candidate for SC House Representative in District 13 (Greenwood), held a Campaign Kickoff the day after the Primaries at Sweet Tea Ranch. Dr. Bob Phillips and Representative Anne Parks were among those who “warmed up the crowd” for Michael.

We encourage you to learn more about Michael’s campaign and candidacy at michaelgaskinscrep13.com.

In Memoriam

It has come to our attention that long time Greenwood Democratic Party member Willie McLaughlin Jr passed away earlier in June.

“Mr. Mac” was a veteran of the US Army and a teacher in our Middle and High Schools. Our thoughts, prayers, and gratitude are extended to his family.

You can read more about Mr. McLaughlin’s life here.

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