Eleventh Annual Carnell-Drummond

The party is just getting started. Look at that crowd!

GWCDP Chair, Charles Lewis, starts us off for the night.

Mr. David Gaskin honors the veterans among us.

Mrs. Elaine Gentry, our former Chair, has worked for years in the GWCDP and beyond. She received the coveted Yellow Dog Democrat Award.

Cathie Swindell in shock at hearing her name called out by Chair Charles Lewis!


Cathie Swindell being honored by Mary Geren for Congress and Chair Charles Lewis.

The lovely bracelet Cathie Swindell was given.

Dr. Bob Phillips reading the remembrance awards that were given in honor of Mr. Willie McLaughlin and Dr. Larry Jackson.

A packed house!

Mary Geren, mother, educator, and candidate for Congress, US House District #3, gets the crowd warmed up. http://marygeren.com

Rosalyn Glenn for State Treasurer! She has the experience and integrity! http://rosalynglenn.com

Anne Parks: “I’ll be the last one to let you down.”

Annette Edwards says to voters, “Take a look at me.” https://www.facebook.com/AnnetteEdwardsForMayor/

Brandon Smith states his case for mayor. https://smith4mayor.com/

When Ms. Edith Childs speaks, everybody listens!

Michael Gaskin for State Representative SC House District #13!

Mandy Powers Norrell grew up knowing the meaning of hard work,

James Smith / Mandy Powers Norrell for Governor / Lieutenant Governor!

Mei Kung was just a bit excited when she won a fabulous prize in our raffle.

Now you can see why Mei was so excited! Here she is with the artist.

No pictures could do this photo of an orchid by world famous photographer George Ligon justice.

Melvin Whittenburg, veteran of both the military and corporate worlds, has the experience we need at the Secretary of State position.

Melvin Whittenburg lays out the strategy for flipping SC blue!

Our hardworking Carnell-Drummond Dinner Committee Chairperson Mrs. Judith Thompson thanked her committee for all oft heir hard work.

Senator Floyd Nicholson and our First-Vice Chair Denise Lewis Waldrep speak as Melvin Whittenburg and his wife Angelina network in the background.

Mei Kung gets in an important conversation with Mandy Powers Norrell after the event.

Mary Geren knows her constituents and truly cares!

Mandy Powers Norrell and Representative Anne Parks.

Mary Geren and Melvin Whittenburg know the importance of listening to the people of South Carolina!

First Vice Denise Waldrep, strategist Max Geist, and George Swindell are already planning for tomorrow.

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