Young Democrats of Greenwood Newsletter, Dec 2020

Greetings Young Democrats of Greenwood,

It has been a while, but I want to ensure you that your Executive Board has been working and will continue to work for you and for the constant fight to turn South Carolina BLUE. We, the Executive Board of the Young Democrats of Greenwood, chose not to have an official/formal monthly meeting for the months of November and December for the following

  • conflict in schedules amongst Board Members and Ad-hoc Officers, members traveling
  • for the holidays and/or for vacation in general, for our student members taking finals and
  • traveling home, not to mention the long-haul leading to the 2020 general elections, and etcetera.

As your Chair, I thought that it would be more beneficial to have more constructive Executive Board meetings to prepare for 2021 in the place of monthly meetings in which there would not be much ground to cover. Thus, the Board is constantly meeting, formally and informally, to ensure that the Young Democrats of Greenwood will run on a solid foundation from here on out. May we learn from the 2020 general elections that what we do out of season is just as important as what we do in season. On that note, the Board has many provisions and content to be released in the works.

I advise you to constantly check your email. You will receive several emails concerning nominations, the new membership contracts that all members will be required to sign to receive an active status going forward, protocol as relating to rules; elections; the launch of our convention committee, and etcetera. As related to nominations, the Executive Board has created two new Ad-hoc positions—the Membership Enhancer and the Assistant Public Relations Liaison. The Membership Enhancer will work to improve our membership and will be the chief promoter of the local democratic brand. The Asst. Public Relations Liaison will assist in the drafting of public statements, updating social media accounts, posting on the social media accounts, and etcetera.


  • Join me in a special shoutout for our Secretary, Ra’Fabria “Bria” Sanders, who will be celebrating her 21st birthday on Saturday, December 19th, 2020. Also, for all other unnamed December birthdays.
  • Congrats to our YDSC President, Jeni Atchley, who was elected as the 3rd Vice Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party to fill the vacancy left by Scott Thorpe. Also, please keep President Atchley and the Atchley family in your thoughts and prayers concerning the passing of her father. The Executive Board will begin the process of drafting a resolution to present to President Atchley.
  • Lastly, a special shoutout to Dylan Fender for joining the YDSC Environmental Caucus.


  • January Monthly Meeting
    • January 11th, 2020 @ 1pm via Zoom
  • Our County Democratic Party has a monthly Breakfast meeting scheduled for the first Saturday of every month via Facebook live. The meeting date has some exceptions, so checkout the county page for more information.
  • Nominations for Special Election Committee Due 12/19/2020 (Special Election held for the Office of Treasurer)
    • Nominations are due by Saturday via the google forms link sent out by our Vice Chairwoman—JaDasia Mitchell.
  • Nominations for the Membership Enhancer Officer and the Asst. Public Liaison Officer will also be done via google forms. Check your emails for link; which will be sent out soon.
  • If you do not have access to BaseCamp, contact our Data Director—Niaget Butler ( ASAP!

Happy Holidays!!!

Yours Truly,
Jitwan K. Floyd (

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