SC Stay Plus now in Greenwood!

From our friend, Mary Geren, comes information about this vital program!

I serve as an advocate for renters, but this program benefits renters, property owners, and our economy at large. Many potential applicants are simply unaware that this assistance exists, which is where I come in. I have been tasked with promoting and amplifying the program and helping applicants navigate the cumbersome application process.

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 1, I will be at the Greenwood Food Bank, and my office hours will typically be 10:30-3:00 Tuesday-Thursday. I usually take one remote work day per week and would communicate that information as needed. I am also open to rotating my presence with other agencies and/or setting up pop-up sites at special events, etc. So, if you know of possible pop-up locations, please let me know.

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about this much needed assistance.

Click either of the images below to be taken to a larger version.

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