A Guide to Being an Active Voter

The Greenwood County Democratic Party’s theme for 2018 is:

Are you registered to vote?

You may already be registered to vote and not even know it. Or – you may need additional information – such as your Precinct number and voting location.

This handy link from the SC Election Commission allows you to easily figure that out! Fill out your county (hopefully, it’s Greenwood), first name, last name and date of birth.

If you’re registered to vote, then you will see your information along with where you vote and the various districts your address belongs to (US Congressional, SC Senate, City Council, etc).

If you DON’T get back any information, try variations on your name (for example, “William” instead of “Bill”).

Register to Vote

If you’re not registered to vote in SC, the good people at have put together a great site with all of the information you need. Click onĀ Voters and thenĀ Register to Vote for the various ways (including online) that you can register and ensure your ability to participate in the next election.

Looking up a Precinct with a Street Address

Follow these instructions for looking up a Precinct Number using a street address. It’s tied to the Greenwood County official database. It takes a few steps, but once you’ve done it a few time, it’s pretty straightforward.