Greenwood County Legislator Reference

It can be confusing to figure out exactly who in office was elected to serve you. The way district lines are drawn, the person living across the street from you could have an entirely different representative!

The handy guide below will help you figure out who is who for you!

Step 1: Validate your Voter Registration

Go over to and check your voter registration information. You may have to play a little “prove you’re a human” first, but that’s ok.

Enter in your formal name, not a nickname. For example, use “William” not “Bill” if that’s how you initially registered to vote.

Make note of the numbers that are returned. These are specific to the address at which you are registered to vote. If you have moved, first update your update the DMV and then correct your voter registration address here.

What do these numbers mean? That’s what we’ll describe below!

Step 2: Match the District/Ward number with the Representative

District TypeDistrictCurrently held byUp for Election
in 2022?
US Congressional3Jeff DuncanY
SC Senate10Billy Garrett
SC House12Anne ParksY
SC House13John McCravyY
County Council1Edith ChildsY
County Council2Mark AllisonY
County Council3Melissa SpencerY
County Council4Chuck Moates
County Council5Dane Pruitt
County Council6Robbie Templeton
County Council7Theo Lane
Gwd City MayorBrandon SmithY
Gwd City Council1Niki Hutto
Gwd City Council2Patricia PartlowY
Gwd City Council3Betty Boles
Gwd City Council4Johnathan BassY
Gwd City Council5Matthew Miller
Gwd City Council6Ronnie AblesY
GWD 50 School Board1Johanna BishopY
GWD 50 School Board2Hillary CraigoY
GWD 50 School Board3Ken Cobb
GWD 50 School Board4Sabrina Conner
GWD 50 School Board5Tony Bowers
GWD 50 School Board6Clay SprouseY
GWD 50 School Board7David H. Trent
GWD 50 School Board8Danielle FieldsY
GWD 50 School Board9Shelby Dominick Reed
Ninety Six MayorMike Rowe
Ninety Six Town CouncilMichael Ray (Mickey) Goodman
Ninety Six Town CouncilBridget Porter
Ninety Six Town CouncilCharles “Chuck” Wideman
Ninety Six Town CouncilGreg Chip Griffin
Ninety Six Town CouncilJohn Jefferson
Ninety Six Town CouncilCharles Stevens
GWD 52 School Board52Ray Jackson
GWD 52 School Board52Ray Pilgrim
GWD 52 School Board52Kevin Campbell
GWD 52 School Board52Jeff ChapmanY
GWD 52 School Board52Dr. Bryan GreenY
Ware Shoals MayorScott Horne
Ware Shoals Town CouncilBryan RossY
Ware Shoals Town CouncilMichael PowellY
Ware Shoals Town CouncilGeorge LeagansY
Ware Shoals Town CouncilValerie Jackson
Ware Shoals Town CouncilKent Boles
Ware Shoals Town CouncilPatty Walters
GWD 51 School Board51Shanon CalvertY
GWD 51 School Board51Andy "Peanut" Wood
GWD 51 School Board51Genie McDill
GWD 51 School Board51Jewel McCullough
GWD 51 School Board51Cody Quinn
Hodges MayorMichael GeorgeY
Hodges Town CouncilLeecie AddisonY
Hodges Town CouncilJohnny A ReevesY
Hodges Town CouncilTravis ReevesY
Hodges Town CouncilRenee TinsleyY
Troy MayorBrian DixonY
Troy Town CouncilChristopher CoxY
Troy Town CouncilAmy McCoyY
Troy Town CouncilJosh Bearden
Troy Town CouncilJimmy Peeler