GOTV Rally

A packed house listened to candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor James Smith and Mandy Powers Norrell talk about a better future for South Carolina. James will be the Education Governor and will sign the Medicaid expansion on Day 1 in office! This Get Out the Vote Rally was a huge success! Now it’s up to everyone to spread the word about our fabulous candidates and encourage people to get out and VOTE! Say it with me, “FIRED UP, READY TO GO!”

The Smith-Norrell Express was parked outside The Hut this morning for a Get Out The Vote rally!



Bill Kimler gets the front page from the Index Journal signed by James Smith

Greenwood showed up in numbers! It was a packed house!

Senator Floyd Nicholson and his wife Mamie with Mandy Powers Norrell.

Councilwoman Edith Childs got the crowd “Fired up, Ready to go!”

This event would not have been possible without Senator Nicholson!


James and Mandy have crisscrossed the state to bring a message of hope and the promise of a better future to the people of South Carolina.

Senator Nicholson turns the stage over to our next Governor, James Smith!

James Smith will make eduction and healthcare a priority when he is elected.

James Smith introduces a woman who will need no on-the-job training, Mandy Powers-Norrell.

Like James, Mandy is ready to hit the ground running on day one to make South Carolina a better place for EVERYONE!

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