From the Desk of the Chair

From the Desk of the Chair

Hello Fellow Democrats,

First, now that I have enjoyed a Florida get away and had some time to reflect, I want to thank each of you for your commitment to this Party. There can be nothing more gratifying than doing something you believe in. I know all of us believe in a living wage, health care for all, fair teacher pay, etc. I know I don’t need to tell you that this state is so far behind in so many ways.

However, take comfort in knowing that though we did not take back the State House or send the candidate we supported to Washington or all of the candidates we supported to Columbia, we do still have two down there fighting for us. For that we are grateful. In addition, Democrats did upset the apple cart in three South Carolina districts by winning seats held for decades by Republicans.

We can take great solace in the fact that, according to the Index-Journal, we gained a House seat that has not been held by a Democrat since 1980 with Joe Cunningham’s victory over Republican and vocal Trump supporter Katie Arrington in the 1st District. With this victory, Cunningham became South Carolina’s first new Congressional Democrat to join the delegation in more than 25 years.

We can also rejoice in knowing that come January, there will be new sheriffs in Washington. With Democrats having regained the House of Representatives, we can be assured that Obamacare isn’t going anywhere and that the Mueller investigation will continue.

I would have to say Democrats did well in 2018. We have so much to celebrate! As it is said, Rome was not built in a day. Now we must continue this momentum as we move toward 2020.

Here in Greenwood we have secured our place in South Carolina’s political scene. We can take great pride in knowing that almost every major candidate running in SC attended nearly every event we sponsored. This says so much about you and your commitment to the Greenwood County Democratic Party and our beliefs.

Charles Lewis
Greenwood County Democratic Party

December Events

Please be advised that, as we have done in the past, we WILL NOT have a DECEMBER BREAKFAST MEETING. We will resume monthly meetings in January. Please pay close attention to the location of the January breakfast meeting. As many of you have noticed, we are growing out of our current meeting location, so we are in search of a new venue. Suggestions are welcome.

We will, however, have a Christmas gathering on Saturday, December 8th. I am especially excited about the location of this year’s event. I was able to secure the venue while attending Michael Gaskin’s event at Ms. Susie’s Puppet House a few weeks ago. Please see the Christmas Party email or the calendar of events for more details. I hope to meet you there. It will be a real treat!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to All,
Charles Lewis

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