Why Does the Census Matter?

borrowed from the City Government of Greenwood, South Carolina

  • The census is about representation in the US House of Representatives and where district lines are drawn for state and municipal representation. SC is not projected to gain or lose a seat in the 2020 census.
  • The census is about money. SC receives trillions of dollars through federal programs that are funded based on formulas using census data.
  • The census is about economic development and disaster recovery. Census data is used to determine where employers decide to locate, where broadband internet is installed, and what resources are needed in areas for economic stimulus.


  • All households who have not already completed the census should receive a paper form by May 15.
  • Anyone can go online to www.my2020census.gov and complete the census, even if they don’t have their 12 digit identification.
  • To complete the 2020 Census over the phone with a Census Questionnaire Assistance representative, call 1-844-330-2020.
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