Letters to the Editor (Oct 17)

Candidates focus on ideas, not on ideology alone

Bill Kimler, Greenwood

I have had the absolute honor of getting to personally know a few of our candidates who are running for office: Floyd Nicholson, Jose Villa, Anne Parks, Denise Waldrep and Matthew Miller.

I am overwhelmed in admiration for the civility, the intelligence and creative solution-finding they have shown these past few months. In a political environment that has only grown more poisonous these past four years, they have remained positive, focusing on their ideas and accomplishments, refusing to dive into the political muck that turns so many people off.

And that to me is the biggest differentiator: Ideas over ideology. Ideas will bring affordable and accessible health care to more people. Ideas will free our best minds and entrepreneurs to grow our economy and solve global problems. Ideas will bring about equal treatment and opportunity for all of us and not just for the privileged few. Ideas will enable our educators to teach and our students to learn.

Ideology will do none of that.

As you make your choice this November, please take the time to listen to the ideas proposed by the candidates and select those who will work on solutions that bring about the greatest benefit to the most people.

Writes to support Nicholson’s reelection

Bob Phillips, Donalds

Vigilance is the cost of freedom. We pay that cost by community service, with our votes and with our faith.

The best vigilance, it seems to me, is bipartisan. I am proud to count as my friends those who have voted differently from me — proud that we still talk. That is why sending Floyd Nicholson back to the state Senate helps ensure freedom. I have seen him arm-in-arm with Greenwood Republican activists. Furthermore, when Republican Sen. Billy O’Dell was serving, Sen. Nicholson and he shared an office.

Sen. Nicholson’s opponent distills his campaign as follows: “pro-God, pro-jobs, pro-life, pro-Trump.” Curiously, Sen. Nicholson agrees on the first three. His deep faith shows in everything he does. His work on the Senate Finance Committee brings jobs to District 10. (Last week, an Ag-Pro employee told me that Sen. Nicholson had worked wonders for Upstate farmers.)

Anyone who attended Greenwood’s Inter-Faith Rally — put on by local churches — will remember how Sen. Nicholson called on Abbeville and Greenwood communities to rally to prevent the loss of life among young men because of gun violence. He is pro-life, not merely pro-birth.

I put my faith in — have placed my vote for — Sen. Nicholson. He has heard and felt bullets fly past, thus experiencing and surviving gun violence. He has coached and counseled hundreds of young people, and he has helped revitalize downtown Greenwood.

A phrase by Pam Stone exemplifies Sen. Floyd Nicholson’s many endeavors: he demonstrates “the tenacity of dignity, courage and faith.”

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