Newsletter for Oct 20, 2020

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Message from the Chair

This is a very full newsletter this time around. Please take your time and read carefully as there’s quite a bit of important information contained in this edition.

Being informed is what separates the good voter from the bad. 

When I listened to the speeches given by candidates on both sides at the Cokesbury Stump Speeches last week, it was striking to observe which candidates came to inform the voters and which came purely to rouse emotions with trigger phrases and falsehoods. At times, I was tempted to jump out of my seat and cry “You lie!” But unlike the Congressman in SC’s 2nd District, I know how to properly behave myself in public.

There are only 2 weeks left until Election Day. Yes, early voters have turned out in record-breaking numbers this year. But there are still so many we need to reach and persuade to partake in this process and inform who is running at the local level.Below are many opportunities for you to help. Please find one or more and jump in! You can also share our candidate’s advertisements and graphics from our Twitter or Facebook pages and help flood the social media with support for these good men and women.

Dum spiro spero
While I breathe, I hope

Candidate News

Denise Waldrep (for State House 13) is hosting a Facebook Live interview with Sabrina Miller, Executive Director of the Boy and Girls Club of the Lakelands Region. This will take place on Wednesday, Oct 21 from 4 pm – 4:30 pm.

Visit the Event Page and mark that you’re interested in learning about what this nationally recognized program can offer to families and children in Greenwood!

Senator Floyd Nicholson (District 10) is having a formal Office Launch and All-Hands-on-Deck event this Saturday, October 24th, from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Show up and hear the Senator speak, sign up for various activities to help Floyd get out the vote, and enjoy some food!

His office is located at 213 Waller Ave, Greenwood, across from House of Barbers.

The Jaime Harrison coordinated campaign is launching a #SendLindseyHomeSaturday event this weekend!

There are two options to jump in with the statewide team that’s working so hard to send Jaime to the Capitol to represent ALL OF US!

Sign up with either of these events this weekend and give a few minutes in our final push!

Greenwood County Councilman Matthew Miller would like you to join him for some door-to-door distribution of door hangers to promote his re-election campaign.

If you have some time this weekend and need to get some FitBit steps in, contact Matthew at (864) 554-6013 or

Finally, there will be a Special Election for Greenwood City Council Ward 2 on December 22

Two great candidates have already filed! Many of us already know Patricia Partlow and Marcial Little, but you can read more in the recent Index-Journal article. We will work to help our members learn more about them and their vision for Ward 2 and the City of Greenwood.


There have been some very powerful Letters to the Editor submitted to the Index-Journal in the past week by our members.

We need to keep promoting our message in all forms of media and never let our voices be silenced.

We are continuing strong in our progress to deliver 5,000 Democratic Voters’ Guides to houses in Greenwood County. It’s been our largest initiative to date and we’re nearly 80% complete! Thank you to the dozens who have joined in this effort – and especially to those who have newly joined our Party. It’s been great to see fresh (albeit masked) faces join the fight!

We still have some Biden-Harris & Jaime Harrison signs left. Counter those nasty red signs with one these beautiful lawn enhancers!

E-mail or call (864) 715-2341 to secure yours now!

Voting Rights

You can download the latest Greenwood County Polling Locations Guide from our website. This handy PDF has all of the Nov 3 voting sites updated with the latest location changes, map images, and links to a Google Map of each polling place.

If you haven’t made your voting plan yet – make one now!

Are you interested in volunteering to be a Poll Watcher on Nov 3 and help ensure the election is run smoothly and fair? A poll watcher observes the process and works with the Poll Manager and the State Party to address any issues with the machines, processes, or following election rules.

With the help of the South Carolina Democratic Party Voter Protection Unit, we will be hosting a training session this Saturday, Oct 24, from 9 am to 11 am. After successful training, the State Party will issue you a formal Certification Letter and you’ll receive a location assignment. If you are interested, please e-mail or call (864) 715-2341.

When you go to vote, the first screen offers an OPTION to vote Straight Party. When you select straight party, it preselects your candidates for you. You will still go through each race on your ballot, but you will see the Party’s candidate (if one is available) already marked with a Green Check mark.

If you click that box again, it will wipe out the Green Check mark. So if you like the selection, leave the Green Check mark alone! If you wish to vote for a different individual in that race, you can still do so by checking the box next to your choice.

Just be aware, if you want to vote for a person, there must be a GREEN CHECK beside their name. Review your ballot at the end and make sure all your preferred candidates are chosen.

You can always ask a poll worker to assist you in the process.

News & Noteworthy

The final Presidential Debate is scheduled for October 22 from 9 pm – 10:30 pm. “Zoom Rules” will be in effect which will mute microphones to avoid interruptions during segments of the candidates’ statements. 

The debate will air live on all major broadcast networks and cable news channels. C-SPAN will stream the debate on YouTube.

The final debate between Jaime Harrison and Lindsey Graham has been postponed due to the jamming of a Supreme Court Justice down our throats before Trump is voted out of office and the Republican Senate loses their majority. It was supposed to be this Wednesday evening, but now it is off and new date has not been set.

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