Senator Tim Scott’s lie exposed for all!

SC Senator Tim Scott has been beating the same drum for the past few months about exaggerated supply chain issues that we’re just not seeing. Have there been some shortages? Sure. But it’s been nowhere near as bad as Tim Scott has made it out to be and it’s clearly been getting better with every passing week.

But today, Tim Scott has stooped to outright lying in order to scare the citizens of South Carolina into believe a crisis exists where one does not.

See his tweet from today:

Despite the blatantly bad photoshopped “elf on a shelf” (which could be forgiven given the season), the image of the empty refrigerated shelves actually comes from an article titled “5 Best Refrigerator Stores in Albuquerque, NM“!

It looks like living under the shadow of notorious liar Donald Trump has caused Senator Tim Scott to take on some of his worst characteristics! Remember this as Tim Scott seeks your trust & vote in 2022!

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