‘Big Lie’ proponents not fit for office

Published in the Index Journal on Jan 29, 2022.

It was reported last week that two candidates, Stewart Jones and Cole Kazmarski, will be running to represent SC State House 14. Both are attempting to position themselves as the most extreme proponent of the conspiracy theory known as the Big Lie. Despite every possible audit, investigation, review and litigation, there has been zero evidence of widespread election fraud that would have kept Donald Trump in office. Even the Cyber Monkeys outfit in Arizona, founded by a conspiracy theorist who wasted millions of taxpayer dollars conducting an audit, could find no problems. Every YouTube posting providing “proof” of election nefariousness has been thoroughly debunked ten ways to Sunday. To hold to an opinion despite the preponderance of evidence otherwise isn’t a virtue. And it certainly should call into doubt one’s fitness to serve in a legislative body.


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