SCDP Featured Candidate : Mayra Rivera Vazquez

I am excited to announce my candidacy for SCDP First and Second Vice-chair.

Since my family and I moved to South Carolina in 2013, I have been working for positive change in my County and across the State. I am and have been a community activist and volunteer in several non-profit organizations such as Hopeful Horizons, Habitat for Humanity, and Lowcountry Immigration Coalition, among others. In 2017, I graduated from the James Clyburn Political Fellowship. In 2020, I was honored with the SCDP 2020 Diversity Change Makers Award, elected DNC National Delegate, served as Latino Outreach Co-coordinator for Harrison All In campaign and Regional Coordinator for the SCDP Voter Protection Unit. Currently, I am the SCDP Hispanic Caucus Chair.

From 2018 to 2022, I had the privilege to serve as the Beaufort County Democratic Party chair. I am both very proud and humbled to be the First Latina County Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. As County Chair, we built a unified, diverse, and strong County party. We welcomed other community organizations and built a coalition to defend and fight on the issues that affect us as a community. New volunteers, younger professionals, students, and Latinos injected us with new blue energy and ideas.

My experience showcases how to partner with community leaders, lead a team of activists to work towards common progress, and how to communicate effectively with varied audiences. By working closely alongside the community, I identified how and where we could make the biggest difference.

As First /Second Vice chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, I am offering proven leadership, a strong record of accomplishments and a clear plan to revitalize our Party. I will inspire and empower our volunteers and county chairs with new resources and tools, build and maintain a grassroots engagement plan with other political, resistance and community groups to increase the impact we have in the counties, and establish a powerful messaging plan to communicate our values and stop the GOP from branding us.

I will support and work with the Party Chair to ensure transparency and accountability. Most importantly, I will guarantee that “Every Voice” is heard and “Every Voter” matters.

As South Carolina’s First/Second Vice-chair, I will be the new face, who will bring fresh ideas, diversity, passion, and energy to continue to showcase the strength of our Party and get things done for South Carolina.

Attached you will find a video you could share with your delegates.

I humbly ask for your support and I promise you EVERY VOICE and EVERY VOTER” will matter!!!

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