First Time Running: SC-3 Congressional Candidate, Mary Geren

This is the third in a series of posts that highlight our elected officials and candidates, focusing on what drove them to public service and their experience on the campaign trail. Hopefully, their stories will inspire YOU to make a difference and help turn South Carolina Blue!

We recently spoke with Democratic Congressional Candidate, Mary Geren, who is looking to unseat Republican incumbent Jeff Duncan in November and represent South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District in Washington, DC.

Mary has been an active member of the Anderson County Democratic Party, an activist for social causes in her community, and a dedicated educator at Clemson University and Tri-County Technical College. We wanted you to understand her motivation to run for public office and learn what it’s like to put yourself out there to be a servant of the people.

When did you first become involved in politics?

I’ve been involved since about 2007. I had volunteered in the campaigns for Hillary Clinton and then Barack Obama. Locally, I helped with Jane Dyer’s campaign both times she ran for Congress. It’s been something I’ve felt a calling toward for some time. I also co-chair the Anderson chapter of SC Democrats Care.

What prompted you to take the leap from volunteer to candidate?

My first election was actually in 2012. I ran for a DNC delegate spot to nominate and eventually re-elect President Barack Obama. And, I won! I encourage folks who are interested in running for higher office to serve as delegates at the local, state, and/or national level. Doing so will give them an idea of what it is like to run an actual campaign.

In 2016, I ran for the SC State House here in District 9, and that was an interesting race! I ran against Ann Thayer, who is a very nice lady, and I had even taught her son. She had just disappointed me so much on the Confederate Flag issue. She was one of the few who voted to leave it flying on the State House grounds after the church shooting in Charleston.

In fact, it was Jaime Harrison who specifically asked me to run.

The fact that you had Jamie Harrison’s ear is impressive. How did you go about making connections and getting that type of support to run for office?

I gained connections through campaigning and volunteering, serving as a delegate at the state party convention and the DNC in 2012, working with the College Democrats at Tri-County Technical College- – taking them to conventions, etc. That’s what I encourage people to do; develop relationships and start networking. It’s not going to happen overnight. It took a decade’s worth of volunteering before I accepted the challenge to run for State House.

That doesn’t mean people have to wait 10 years before they should decide to run either. There’s never a perfect time!

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Newsletter – March 24

The Blue Wave Continues to Roll 🌊

Hello, fellow Democrats! It’s been a little while since our last newsletter. But on this day when nearly 1 million citizens marched in Washington DC (and hundreds of thousands more across the nation) to say we have had ENOUGH of the poisonous culture that values assault weapons over our children’s safety, we’re letting you know that we’re more active than ever in Greenwood County to help Turn SC Blue in November.

In this Newsletter:

  • Greenwood County Democratic Party Convention
  • Important Upcoming Events
  • Local Democrats in the News

Greenwood County Democratic Party Convention

The Greenwood County Democratic Party Convention was held on Saturday, March 3, 2018. It featured speeches given by local representatives including: State Senator Floyd Nicholson, State Representative Anne Parks, and County Councilpersons Gonza Bryant and Edith Childs.

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Government Officials Contact List

We’ve added a new page of local government officials: From the Governor’s office to the Greenwood City Council. Click on the link below or “Gov Officials” from the menu bar above.

Local Government Contacts

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February Monthly Breakfast Meeting Notes

First off, we want to express our GRATITUDE for the tremendous turnout at last Saturday’s monthly breakfast meeting. We are all very concerned citizens who want to make a positive difference in our community and in our nation. We would appreciate any feedback you can offer to help us improve upon future meetings. What did you like? What can be done better? Let us know at

Scheduling Notes

Precinct Reorganization Meeting
Sat, Feb 10   10 am – 12 pm
Greenwood County Library, Veteran’s Room

Open to all Democrats in Greenwood County

At least one Representative from each Precinct should attend and stand by their Precinct Sign to speak to those who may be coming in that are in their Precinct. The Precinct Rep will need to stay for the full time period.

For all others, if you have not partaken in a previously scheduled Reorganization Meeting for your precinct, this would be the place & time to show up to get acquainted with your Precinct Leader and learn more about this effort. You can show up at any time between 10 am – 12 pm and leave once you’ve spoken with your Precinct Leader. Opportunities may still exist for Officers, Delegates and Alternates positions within your Precinct.
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First Time Running: Senator Floyd Nicholson

This is the second in a series of posts that highlight our elected officials and candidates, focusing on what drove them to public service. Hopefully, their stories will help inspire YOU to make a difference and help turn South Carolina Blue!

We recently spoke with State Senator Floyd Nicholson about his career as a public servant, a legacy that spans over 35 years! Since his first campaign for Greenwood City Council in 1982, he has never lost an election. We wanted to understand his motivation to run for public office and what’s driven him towards a life of civil service for these many decades.

You are a lifelong resident of Greenwood, correct?

Yes. I was born, raised, and aside from time in college, I’ve lived in Greenwood, SC. I was the youngest of ten children in an impoverished neighborhood. My father passed away when I was only five years old and my mother did everything she could to raise us. Some of my siblings had to dropout of school to support the family.

After I graduated from South Carolina State, I returned to Greenwood and started a career in education and coaching right here at Greenwood High School.

Was there a tipping point that drove you run for City Council in 1982?

When I was a student at South Carolina State University, I was there at the Orangeburg Massacre. In 1968, a “No Blacks Allowed” policy at a local bowling alley led to a protest on campus against racial segregation.  Three young men were killed by SC Highway Patrol officers that night.

Anger from that event stayed with with me throughout the 70’s during my years as a Biology and Science teacher at Greenwood High School. But then, with the support of my wife, Mamie, I decided to turn that negative energy into something positive and ran for Greenwood City Council. I had to get involved in something to try to make a difference.

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