I owe my Trump-supporting friends an apology.

Credit to @AmericanEthical for this amazing collection of truths that many of us became numb to:

I’ve been critical of the Trump presidency these last four years, and am still exhausted from the experience. But to be fair, President Trump wasn’t that bad, other than when he

  • incited an insurrection against the government,
  • mismanaged a pandemic that killed nearly half a million Americans,
  • separated children from their families, 
  • lost those children in the bureaucracy,
  • tear-gassed peaceful protesters on Lafayette Square so he could hold a photo op holding a Bible in front of a church,
  • tried to block all Muslims from entering the country,
  • got impeached,
  • got impeached again, 
  • had the worst jobs record of any president in modern history,
  • pressured Ukraine to dig dirt on Joe Biden,
  • fired the FBI director for investigating his ties to Russia,
  • bragged about firing the FBI director on TV,
  • took Vladimir Putin’s word over the US intelligence community,
  • diverted military funding to build his wall,
  • caused the longest government shutdown in US history,
  • called Black Lives Matter a “symbol of hate,”
  • lied nearly 30,000 times,
  • banned transgender people from serving in the military, 
  • ejected reporters from the White House briefing room who asked tough questions,
  • vetoed the defense funding bill because it renamed military bases named for Confederate soldiers,
  • refused to release his tax returns,
  • increased the national debt by nearly $8 trillion, 
  • had three of the highest annual trade deficits in U.S. history,
  • called veterans and soldiers who died in combat losers and suckers,
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Newsletter for May 26, 2021

Message from the Chair

Letters to the editor.
Marches and rallies.
Social media.
Conversations at home, at work, at church, in the backyard.

There are many ways in which we need to let our voices be heard. We cannot let extreme oppressive messages dominate the airways and our Facebook feeds.

Two months ago, I started putting my voice out there, taking me somewhat out of my comfort zone. But there were things happening every week that deeply moved me and I needed an outlet to share my thoughts. I launched Monday Musings, a series of 5-minutes videos where I share thoughts on legislative priorities, flag symbolism, transgender rights, healthcare, and local lawmakers. I welcome your feedback, but even if nobody watches, I still think it’s important to speak up!

Are you interested in being heard? We would love to lend our platform to you! We can offer our website and social media pages for you to share your views in a blog or video post. Just reply to this email and let us know!

Your Voting Rights

House Democrats have passed HR 1, the most comprehensive and desperately NEEDED voting reform legislation in decades!

What’s in it? Take a look below and wonder why, oh why, would a single Republican be against this?


SCDP Convention
The annual South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention was held virtually last weekend and THANK YOU to the delegates from Greenwood County who participated! If you missed it, you can watch the full proceedings which were saved on Facebook.

Congratulations to the elected leadership of our State Party! We look forward to working with them to make South Carolina and Greenwood County stronger for Democrats.

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My Flag is Bigger Than Your Flag, Congressman!

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Newsletter for May 11, 2021

Message from the Chair

I am so very grateful to the Biden administration and the countless number of scientists and medical professionals who rapidly made COVID vaccines available to all Americans. My heart aches for the ongoing pandemic tragedy in India and elsewhere where the people were not as fortunate to have been able to get ahead of this like we have.

Nearly 600,000 Americans have died in the past year due to COVID. Recent studies indicate the true toll may be even higher than that. It disturbs me to see even still denial of its seriousness runs rampant: From the general population refusing to vaccinate all the way up to our Republican leadership discouraging people from getting vaccinated.

The Greenwood City Council recently voted to let the mask ordinance expire on May 10. I walked into a local business recently to do some shopping and on the window was the Greenwood City notification that masks were required with the word “NOT” written in bold red marker. Rather than just take the notice down and let business carry on, the owner decided to make an anti-mask “statement”. I quickly decided to take my business elsewhere.

I do believe we are progressing toward resuming normalcy. But I’m saddened that there are still people who go out of their way to insult the memories of those who have passed and those who have taken seriously ill over the past year. 

Your Voting Rights

School Board Elections today

Greenwood School Districts 51 (Ware Shoals) and 52 (Ninety Six) are holding elections for open positions on their School Board today.

Two seats are open in District 51.
One seat is open in District 52.

The Index-Journal has a nice writeup on each of the candidates in the races. Please read and be informed before heading to the polls. As good Democrats, we take our duty to cast votes very seriously. Local elections are just as important as national ones!

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Monday Musings for May 3, 2021

“Lazy legislators and the outside groups that write their bills for them.”

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