Congratulations to Garrett McDaniel!

Congratulations to Garrett McDaniel on his dramatic win (92.04% of the vote) in the Democratic primary in the SC House District 14 special election! Mr. McDaniel has been serving as a Laurens County Councilman since 2015. Let’s get together and send him to Columbia to help him continue his service to our community! The general election will be held April 23, 2019.

To find out more about Mr. McDaniel:


Instagram: @mcdanielforhouse14

“Garrett McDaniel Joins the House 14 Race” (Jan 5, 2019):

“Jones, McDaniel headed to April House District 14 Election” (Feb 20, 2019):

Where he stands on the issues:

Where his opponent (Republican Stewart Jones) stands on the issues:



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The special election primaries for District 14 are tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/19)!

What:  Special Election (Primary), SC House District 14 (Laurens                                       and part of Greenwood County)
Where: Your usual polling location
When: Polls open 7 AM – 7 PM

Greenwood County Precincts involved: Coronaca 016, Coronaca 017, Riley 031, Stonewood 034, Lower Lake 036, Rutherford Shoals 040 and Graham’s Glen 050

Map taken from Index-Journal online (

Both the Democratic and Republican primaries for SC House District 14 are being held this day. Polls are open 7-7, and you will vote at your usual voting location. The Democratic candidates are Bobbie Gregory, Sr. and Garrett McDaniel. To find your polling place, check your voter registration status, or to find out if you are eligible to vote in this election (check your SC House District #) go to:

An article from the Index-Journal including comments from Bobby Gregory, Sr:

An article about Garrett McDaniel:

An article from Sunday with info about the precincts involved (including the above map) and a paragraph about each of the candidates:

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Make Every Vote Count – A Call to Action!


Please call or write SC State Senator Luke Rankin to ask for a subcommittee hearing for Senate bill 374: Help SC obtain a secure and accurate voting system!


Senator Luke Rankin:
Office phone:  (803) 202-6610
email address:
Mailing address:  101 Gressette Bldg, Columbia 29201

  • Ask him to please schedule a hearing for S. 374!
  • Bill S. 374, sponsored by Thomas Alexander, states that “all voting systems in South Carolina shall utilize a paper-based system using paper ballots tabulated by optical scanners as the ballot of record.”
  • We need to ensure that South Carolina obtains an election system that is secure and efficient at a reasonable cost.

Back Up Points:

  • The State Election Commission’s approach to choosing a new voting system has been secretive: it should be opened to public input and scrutiny.
  • If necessary, the existing RFP ( request for proposal) should be terminated; the integrity of our elections deserves public hearings.
  • The system of hand-marked paper ballots, optically scanned at the precinct, which S.374 supports, can’t be hacked, can be audited, will end long lines and waiting at the polls, and is half the price!
Some background info:

What do they mean by optical scanners?

This website has a great explanation of different types of voting machines and tabulation methods.

SC is one of only 5 states that doesn’t use a paper ballot trail of some sort.

“Paper ballots – or, at least, auditable paper trails, in which voters can see their choices recorded on a printed roll of paper – have been recommended by experts from Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to the Brennan Center for Justice’s Democracy Program to the Defending Digital Democracy Project at Harvard’s Belfer Center. ”

Was your vote counted correctly in the last election?

“In the last election, some votes in South Carolina got counted twice. Others were credited to the wrong candidate.”

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URGENT! Change in venue for this Saturday’s breakfast meeting!

Hello Greenwood Democrats,
As most of you know we have had some crowding issues with our regular monthly meetings at the Inn on the Square.
It was of particular concern to me with our upcoming meeting this Saturday because of the topics to be covered.Our special guests on the topic of Real ID and the introducing to you of one of the Democratic candidates for SC House Seat 14. I was concerned if we would be overcrowded. I checked with Tom at the Inn concerning the larger Dining Room and the cost was more than I felt we could come up with at this time.
After working with one of our most loyal members, Mrs. Barbara Jackson, we were able to secure a meeting place for the party at Lander University.
Charles Lewis
I am looking forward to seeing each of you on Saturday and I do sincerely hope you enjoy your new experience.
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Important Legislative Information- TAKE ACTION

Two positive developments from this last week are:

1) SC Election Commission Executive Director Marci Andino told a Senate judiciary subcommittee that all the voting systems available for the state to purchase have a paper trail (see the article on this below). State Sen. Thomas McElveen, D-Sumter, has drafted a bill requiring the purchase of electronic voting machines that produce a paper audit trail: S 0183. It is currently in the Senate Finance Committee, of which Sen Floyd Nicholson is a member.  A similar bill has been drafted in the house: H 3302 (Bernstein, Finlay, Rutherford, Rose, Brawley, Cleburne, Magnuson, Cobb-Hunter and Henegan). It is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee.

2) The bills addressing creating an independent commission for reapportioning legislative districts every 10 years (3044 and 3054) have had their first readings in the House Judiciary Committee, of which our Rep John McCravy is a member.

We all need to contact Senator Nicholson (803-212-6000) to request his support for funding electronic voting machines with paper trails (S 0183) and Representative McCravy (803-212-6939) to request his support for an independent commission for reapportionment (H 3044 & H 3054).


SC Election Commission: New statewide voting system will have paper trail

The head of the South Carolina Election Commission said the state’s new upgraded voting system will have paper ballots which offer tangible evidence of votes.

      University of South Carolina computer science professor Dr. Duncan Buell testifies on voting systems before a Senate subcommittee (Source: SCETV)

“Let me say up front South Carolina’s next voting system will have a paper record of every vote that is cast,” she told the subcommittee.

 The commission is seeking state approval of its plans to purchase a new statewide voting system. Requests for Proposals were issued in December. Andino expects the new system to be in place by January 1, 2020.

 “There’s not a system that’s being marketed today that doesn’t have a paper ballot,” she said. “So that’s exactly where we’re headed. Every system that is certified for use and being marketed has a paper record of every vote that’s cast.”

 University of South Carolina computer science professor and election data expert Dr. Duncan Buell said while the rest of the world is going paperless, elections need a paper trail. South Carolina has been using a paperless voting system for nearly two decades.

 “We need to remove as much technology from the election process as possible because all the technology that has been put into the process in the next 18 years or so has been shown to be way lower in quality than what I think the electorate has the right to expect,” Buell said.

Buell was asked to present his expertise on voting systems to the subcommittee by the League of Women Voters.

The subcommittee was discussing two bills related to elections, one requiring voting machines to produce a paper receipt or ballot and another regarding post-election audits.

State Sen. Thomas McElveen, D-Sumter, drafted the bill requiring paper ballots.

We get one chance probably, to get it right for the next possibly two decades,” he said. “So we need to make sure we do it in a way that gives our constituents and our voters confidence that their votes are being counted. They can go back and be checked if there’s an error or some sort of event that would warrant an audit.”

But State Sen. Michael Gambrell, R-Anderson, questioned if legislation was necessary to establish standards for voting machines when they will be part of the final budget.

“Do we need this bill or a budget proviso?” he asked.

McElveen and subcommittee chair Chip Campsen, R-Charleston, agreed.

“It’s really difficult to interject legislation into the procurement process,” Campsen said. “I really think it’s an executive branch function.”

The subcommittee voted to carry over the bills.

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