Opinion: Incompetence & dishonesty

On Monday, May 11, the Index-Journal ran the following headline story:

It reports how SC Senate Candidate and McCormick lawyer, Billy Garrett, ran afoul of election laws by distributing campaign material to county employees while on county property. This activity violated the Hatch Act – the law designed to enforce fairness in political campaigns and one which is routinely ignored by the Trump Administration.

All of the masks had to be returned.

Later, when questioned by the Post & Courier, Garrett stated that “the protective gear wasn’t meant to rustle up votes”. This claim was made despite the masks having the phrase “Garrett for SC Senate” splashed across the front.

Two troubling aspects have come to light from this incident:

  1. A candidate who has previously touted his expertise in the law blatantly runs afoul of it. That indicates either a feeling that he is above the law or just not as well-versed as he ought to be.
  2. Instead of owning up to the mistake and vowing to do better, Garrett offers an outright falsehood. “…wasn’t meant to rustle up votes”? Where have we seen this deny-deny-deny playbook before?

Incompetence & dishonesty: Is that a winning combination?

We hope that the citizens of Greenwood County take this incident for the warning sign that it is. We understand people make mistakes and they should certainly be assessed based on them. But more importantly, it’s how the person follows-up on that mistake that most reveals his or her character. And we now have some insight into Billy Garrett’s character.

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Looking up your voter registration status

Has it been a while since you voted?
Are you unsure about your Voter Registration Status?

Finding out is easy as 1-2-3! Watch the video below.

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Key things to know about the June 9 Primaries

Yes, the Primary elections this summer are still on the schedule. Below are some quick facts you need to know.

In-person absentee voting at county voter registration offices began May 4. You can read more about who qualifies for absentee voting here. Unfortunately, our State has not deemed the risk of COVID-19 worthy of making any changes to these qualifications. The State Democratic Party (SCDP) has filed suit in the SC Supreme Court on behalf of your voting rights, but it remains to be seen what will come of it. If you go out to participate in the Primary – please take all recommended precautions!

For the Democratic Party, the only names on the ballot will be for US Congress, SC-3:

For the Republican Party, there are too many names to list who are vying for spots in the US Senate, SC Senate, and SC Sheriff. 

In South Carolina, you are allowed to vote in any Party’s Primary, but you can only choose one to participate in. We encourage you to learn more about our Democratic candidates above and make your choice as to who should go onto the November election.

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Opinion: Kneeling While Black

I saw the following photo (on the left) in the Post & Courier. It was taken at a recent Trump rally in February. It shows a kneeling Chris Cox, founder of “Bikers for Trump”, who is also running to be the Republican candidate for US Congress in SC-1 (a seat Rep Joe Cunningham occupies).

Now, I would have thought that if someone were to take a knee during the National Anthem, at a Trump rally nonetheless, that would have led to certain death.

But nope. Apparently the thousands of MAGA minions in that arena were perfectly OK with it. Since it’s no longer about disrespecting our fallen soldiers, I wonder what the difference was?

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A call for Volunteers

The first meeting of the GWCDP Executive Committee was held on April 29. From it came six pages of notes full of ideas. Six pages containing an absolute wealth of ideas that we wish to pursue in the months and years to come.

If we’re going to make any of it happen we need volunteers . Like it or not, Donald Trump is up for re-election in 2020. So is Congressman Jeff Duncan. So is Senator Lindsey Graham.

Donald J Trump
Jeff Duncan
Lindsey Graham

But the good news is that we have a very good slate of candidates running, not only against them at the Federal level, but also candidates who are running for office right here in Greenwood, South Carolina.

If they are to have the best chance to win, we need your time and talents. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little. Whether you are a computer genius, an artist, or an expert stamp peeler – we can put you to good use.

Postcard Party 2018

We have set up a Volunteer form on our website. Just click “Volunteer” above and fill out the form. Please go there and let us know how you can contribute. We’ve even got an open spot where you can enter in something you can offer if its not listed on the form.

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