Denise Waldrep for State House 13

Former GWCDP 1st Vice Chair, Denise Waldrep, has announced her candidacy for SC State House Representative in District 13. We have seen Denise’s passion for activism in our community and support her 100% in this effort.

Please contact Denise if you wish to work with her campaign.

Campaign contributions are most welcome at this time to help her spread the message! Please donate here.

As we face extraordinary challenges in our communities, nation, and world, we need leaders that are creative problem solvers and that is why I am running to represent South Carolina House District 13 of our South Carolina General Assembly. As an experienced science teacher, artist, and small business associate, I will work to find the best possible paths and solutions to ensure physical and fiscal well-being for all of us in this ever changing world. I will work for a South Carolina where all families have the necessary resources to thrive in all aspects of our lives. I will work to provide all students with an educational system that effectively serves the students’ needs and equips them with problem solving skills for facing our shared future. I understand that economic development and recovery are crucial and I will work diligently to support our entrepreneurs and help small businesses grow and prosper.

In unsettling times, we can have faith and hope as we work together for a brighter future for all communities in District 13. I seek your support in the general election on November 3 to go to work for you!

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Opinion: “Buffoons with a death wish”

In the Index-Journal today, the main editorial came from the Boston Herald with the main point of decrying Jimmy Kimmel’s late night monologue railing against the recent protests. They were “offended” at the portrayal of those protesters being “buffoons” with a “death wish”.

Yet look at the political cartoon below. Usually, these cartoons are exaggerations meant to drive home a point. Yet this particular scene and these signs could literally be seen at hospitals and government buildings across the country. This is no exaggeration. The only thing missing are “Trump 2020” and “Q” signs which were also seen aplenty.

We are all suffering from the economic shutdown. And we should be intelligently discussing how to reopen our businesses safely so that we’re not putting peoples lives at risk just so they can earn a paycheck and deliver their company’s investors a profit.

But to claim conspiracies, to state that Democrats or “globalists” are intentionally stopping trade for some nefarious purpose… That’s just idiocy.

“Buffoons with a death wish” indeed. We think Jimmy got it perfectly right.

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Congratulations to the Newly Elected Leadership of the GWCDP!

County Convention Teleconference

During these extraordinary times, we were not permitted to have our usual County Party Convention at the Courthouse. However, we still had an obligation to the State Democratic Party and to the State of South Carolina to conduct our election of the County Party leadership and our Delegates to the State Convention.

Thanks to the guidance and efforts of our State Party, we were able to conduct this convention earlier this week with the following slate approved to lead the GWCDP for the next two years:

  • Bill Kimler, Chair
  • Michael Gaskin, 1st Vice Chair
  • Mei Kung, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Matthew Miller, 3rd Vice Chair
  • Cathie Swindell, Executive Committeewoman
  • Ella Hill, Alternate Executive Committeewoman
  • David Gaskin, Executive Committeeman
  • Rev James Thompson, Alternate Executive Committeeman

Congratulations to our newly elected leadership! Other positions (such as Treasurer and Secretary) will be voted on and filled by our Executive Committee. If you have interest in either of these positions, let us know. We will also be creating a wide variety of volunteer roles that may interest you and will help us achieve our goals of winning in November. Look to hear from us soon on that front!

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February Breakfast Meeting / Day of Action

After breakfast on Feb. 1st, we’re going to have A Day of Action!

We’re going to knock on doors and teach everyone we meet how easy it is to 

We will meet at Montague’s at 9 AM for breakfast as usual. Then, between 10 – 10:30, we will leave to knock on doors to hand out our voter education materials. This is our chance to make a real difference! Let’s show up!



Educating voters is our path to victory in 2020!

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2019 Spratt Issues Conference

Hosting the First in the South primary, South Carolinians have an important opportunity as the early voters determining the policy shaping the Democratic primary. Therefore, we are excited to use this year’s Issues Conference as an opportunity to set the tone in our state’s political conversation. We will have the chance to come together as a party and speak on the obstacles and opportunities we have as SC Democrats.

On the evening before the Spratt Issues Conference, join us for the SCDP Holidazzle. Join us for hors d’oeuvres, a speaking program, and a holiday celebration the night before the 2019 Spratt Issues Conference.

— Friday, December 13, 2019 —
SCDP Holidazzle
Greenville Convention Center, 1 Exposition Dr, Greenville, SC
Program: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

— Saturday, December 14, 2019 —
Spratt Issues Conference
Greenville Convention Center, 1 Exposition Dr, Greenville, SC
Program: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Find more information at

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