First Time Running: Senator Floyd Nicholson

This is the second in a series of posts that highlight our elected officials and candidates, focusing on what drove them to public service. Hopefully, their stories will help inspire YOU to make a difference and help turn South Carolina Blue!

We recently spoke with State Senator Floyd Nicholson about his career as a public servant, a legacy that spans over 35 years! Since his first campaign for Greenwood City Council in 1982, he has never lost an election. We wanted to understand his motivation to run for public office and what’s driven him towards a life of civil service for these many decades.

You are a lifelong resident of Greenwood, correct?

Yes. I was born, raised, and aside from time in college, I’ve lived in Greenwood, SC. I was the youngest of ten children in an impoverished neighborhood. My father passed away when I was only five years old and my mother did everything she could to raise us. Some of my siblings had to dropout of school to support the family.

After I graduated from South Carolina State, I returned to Greenwood and started a career in education and coaching right here at Greenwood High School.

Was there a tipping point that drove you run for City Council in 1982?

When I was a student at South Carolina State University, I was there at the Orangeburg Massacre. In 1968, a “No Blacks Allowed” policy at a local bowling alley led to a protest on campus against racial segregation.  Three young men were killed by SC Highway Patrol officers that night.

Anger from that event stayed with with me throughout the 70’s during my years as a Biology and Science teacher at Greenwood High School. But then, with the support of my wife, Mamie, I decided to turn that negative energy into something positive and ran for Greenwood City Council. I had to get involved in something to try to make a difference.

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Key Minutes from the Monthly Breakfast Meeting, Sat Jan 6

The Greenwood County Democrats meet on the first Saturday of every month at 9 am at the Inn on the Square. Below are the minutes compiled by the Party Secretary, Cathie Swindell.

Meeting Called to Order

@ 9:20 am- Chair, Charles Lewis

Opening Prayer & Minute of Silence 

Chair, Charles Lewis

Guest Speaker  – Compassionate Care Alliance, Greenwood

Jodi Shenal gave a very inspirational testimony of how cannabis, applied medically, has helped her daughter. Also, Tony Sleister gave his own account of years with chronic back and leg pain and how medically-applied cannabis helps him control his pain.

For more information about the SC Compassionate Care Act or its current status, visit their web site. An abbreviated version of the Compassionate Care Act is attached.

To contact Jodi Shenal: (864) 941-6763 –
To contact Tony Sleister: (864) 993-2483 –

Report of the Christmas Party Drop-In

Suzy Holloway said that the Christmas Drop-In went well and that she hopes to host next year’s Christmas party too!

Social Media Update

Twitter followers: up 47%

Instagram followers: up 53%

Facebook “likes”: up 1%

Bill Kimler gave a rousing Pep Talk about our need to keep focused on three items in 2018:

  • Voter Education
  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Participation

Precinct Organization

Elaine Gentry shared that we need to give all of our Precincts the opportunity to organize, elect officers and also elect Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the County Convention.

Cathie Swindell provided a status update of the need for Volunteer Precinct Leaders. Attached is a list of Precincts that still need leaders. Please e-mail us at if you are interested.

Forms for use at Precinct Meetings were distributed. Contact us if you were not able to attend the Precinct Organization Meeting.

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A Response to Jeff Duncan

This morning, our Congressman, Jeff Duncan, “graced” the editorial page of Greenwood’s newspaper, the Index-Journal, with a Guest Column full of untruths and half-truths in an effort to encourage loyalty and obedience to President Donald Trump. As Trump continues to self-inflict damage through his own tweets, statements and actions, he relies on loyalists like Rep. Duncan to spin stories, ignore facts, and distract us with irrelevancies in order to do damage control.

Let us take a moment to respond directly to some of the passages in Rep. Duncan’s column:

Liberals simply cannot
get over the fact that the nation rejected
their lying and deceitful candidate.

Fact: In his first 10 months, Trump told nearly six times as many falsehoods as Obama did during his entire presidency. Every one of Trump’s false statements are meticulously documented with supporting references. The current president will go down in history as the MOST deceitful government official ever elected. With this single statement, Rep Duncan’s reputation should be completely shot as one completely separated from reality.

Sure, he isn’t a polished politician. But what if that’s why the American people appreciate him so much? He is not a perfect human, but who is?

Rep Duncan has also thrown his support behind disgraced Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore and never withdrew or clarified it after many credible stories of Moore’s predatory nature came to light. Not once has Rep Duncan spoken out when President Trump attacked women’s physical characteristics, denigrated entire nationalities as “rapists”, bragged about his own personal sexual assaults on tape, and thought that there were “very fine people” among Neo-Nazi protesters. Yet, he called out on Democrat Congressman John Conyers to resign. Are Republicans not required to be held to ANY moral standard?

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From the Chair: County-level elections coming up!

Hello Democrats!

It is again approaching time for County-level Democratic Party Elections. We desperately need Party leaders who are willing to work because there is much work to be done.

We need to engage our young people and show them the way of a two party system so that we will not have a situation like what we had in 2016 in which too many stayed home. We have to help them to understand that sometimes we have to pick a side even if it is not the ideal path they would prefer. They must be educated to weigh the issues at hand and make a choice that will provide the best outcome.

In Greenwood, we as a community are faring pretty well but there is always room for improvement. We the people need to get back in the habit of paying attention to what is going on in our local, state, and federal governing agencies. We need more to attend the meetings, subscribe to the local newspaper, tune in to the local news channels, and be engaged in social media. Leaders have obviously taken advantage of our inattentiveness and enriched themselves at the taxpayers’ expense.

I have taken the advice of President Obama and gotten involved. I want to take this opportunity to announce that I will be running for a second term as Chair of the Greenwood County Democratic Party. I humbly request your support on March 3rd 2018 to continue the work we’ve begun to better the lives of Greenwood County Citizens: On the local level (where we live) as well as at State and Federal levels.

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Merry Christmas / Goodbye 2017

Hello Fellow Democrats!

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. I hope Santa was good to you! He was great to me!

My Baby Girl gave me a book of memories of the Obama years chronicled by his personal photographer. It is called “Obama: An Intimate Portrait” by Pete Souza. I know you would come to love it as I have. She said it was sold out for now but maybe you can find it on line. It has lots of photos and great memories of a GREAT PRESIDENT!!! It brought back so many memories of when we had a REAL leader. I have never been so happy to see the coming end of a year as I am 2017!!!!!

With your help we will have a great 2018, so spend time with family and friends and I will see you on the other side. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Charles Lewis
– Chair, Greenwood County Democratic Party

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