A Few Words about Dr. Larry A. Jackson

A special message from Charles Lewis, Chair:

It is with a heavy heart that I reach out to you.  I know most of you have heard of the passing of Dr. Larry A. Jackson, past president of Lander University.  A giant in our community, it was certainly great to see that Dr. Jackson knew another giant from this area, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays.  Dr. Jackson has made an impact through his service that began many years before coming to Greenwood, as he traveled and lived in many countries.

What was clear to me as I read his Bio in the paper, his entire life centered around helping others (service).  It was especially gratifying to learn that Dr. Jackson was also a pastor.  Something today’s pastors can take away from this: Those that want to be the greatest among us must serve the less fortunate among us.

I have learned during my time as Chair of the Democratic Party here in Greenwood, SC that those who have gone before, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, Sen. John Drummond, and Rep. Marion P. Carnell,  just to name a few, were committed to serving all.

Dr. Larry A. Jackson and his wife, Barbara, are loyal supporters of our local Democratic Party and both have received our most prestigious honor, “The Yellow Dog Democrat Award”, for their many years of service and support to our County Party.  He will be missed, but we will march on knowing our Creed is “Democrats Care” and that the issues that confront us today demand we stand.

Charles Lewis, Chair

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