A Response to Jeff Duncan

This morning, our Congressman, Jeff Duncan, “graced” the editorial page of Greenwood’s newspaper, the Index-Journal, with a Guest Column full of untruths and half-truths in an effort to encourage loyalty and obedience to President Donald Trump. As Trump continues to self-inflict damage through his own tweets, statements and actions, he relies on loyalists like Rep. Duncan to spin stories, ignore facts, and distract us with irrelevancies in order to do damage control.

Let us take a moment to respond directly to some of the passages in Rep. Duncan’s column:

Liberals simply cannot
get over the fact that the nation rejected
their lying and deceitful candidate.

Fact: In his first 10 months, Trump told nearly six times as many falsehoods as Obama did during his entire presidency. Every one of Trump’s false statements are meticulously documented with supporting references. The current president will go down in history as the MOST deceitful government official ever elected. With this single statement, Rep Duncan’s reputation should be completely shot as one completely separated from reality.

Sure, he isn’t a polished politician. But what if that’s why the American people appreciate him so much? He is not a perfect human, but who is?

Rep Duncan has also thrown his support behind disgraced Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore and never withdrew or clarified it after many credible stories of Moore’s predatory nature came to light. Not once has Rep Duncan spoken out when President Trump attacked women’s physical characteristics, denigrated entire nationalities as “rapists”, bragged about his own personal sexual assaults on tape, and thought that there were “very fine people” among Neo-Nazi protesters. Yet, he called out on Democrat Congressman John Conyers to resign. Are Republicans not required to be held to ANY moral standard?

They won in states that Republicans had not won in decades, and they won with the support of people from both parties

There must be a misprint here. The I-J must’ve forgotten to include the line “TRUMP LOST THE POPULAR VOTE. MORE PEOPLE VOTED FOR THE OTHER CANDIDATE.”

Besides, where exactly are the Democrats who supported Trump? They must not have been among the MILLIONS who marched in opposition to the Trump presidency, the day after his poorly-attended inauguration. Trump did win the electoral college through small majorities in a few key states. The voter apathy that led to this aberrant result is long gone and be assured will not be repeated in 2018 or 2020. Did Rep Duncan miss the news that a DEMOCRAT won the Senate seat in deep-red Alabama?

He has signed tax reform into law, nominated conservative judges, rolled back Obama-era regulations, enforced federal immigration laws and signed executive orders to protect our homeland. Simply put, he is listening and executing on the will of the people.

How does one even begin to emerge from this swamp of lipstick being lathered onto a pig? Let’s attempt to un-spin some of these major “accomplishments”:

  • “nominated conservative judges” – EVERY president nominated judges. However, let’s not forget that the Republican Senate refused to consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for over 200 days against all tradition – a courtesy we’re sure the new Democrat Senate Majority in 2018 will extend. Then, recall that the Senate still had to enact the “nuclear” option and change the rules of voting so that Gorusch’s nomination would pass.  Finally, observe that some of the nominees put forth for other positions were so unqualified, they couldn’t even answer basic questions about the law. Such a proud accomplishment!
  • “signed executive orders to protect our homeland” – Yep – signed them without even bothering to check their Constitutional validity; a fact that various Federal Courts were quick to correct. Recall the sudden ban on foreign travelers days after the Inauguration that led to families being separated and stuck abroad for no reason? The story of Clemson graduate, Nazanin Zinouri, is still vivid in our memories.
  • “signed tax reform into law” – a law that was hastily crafted, not vetted by experts, had hand-written notes submitted for acceptance, and was decidedly unpopular among tax-paying Americans. A media blitz went out afterwards touting companies that were suddenly handing out bonuses, supposedly due to the tax bill passage – yet these bonuses were already negotiated through union involvement or funded by subsequent layoffs and rate increases. But you can bet that President Trump personally benefited from passage of this bill.

In short, we are way beyond partisan politics at this point. We’re no longer discussing differences of opinion. We are looking at the wholesale and willful disregard for the facts that sit in front of us. Rep Duncan, like many other Trump apologists, like to blame the “liberal media” for attacking President Trump. But they tend to forget Trump’s favorite morning pastime: Twitter – thoughts and words (supposedly) direct from the “stable genius” mind of Donald Trump himself. You don’t need a newspaper, blog, or cable news channel to help you decide that our current President has no business sitting in the Oval Office.

It’s time for Jeff Duncan to go. It’s time for a non-extremist to truly represent the diverse nature of South Carolina residents. It’s time to bring some sanity back into government.

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