James Smith for Governor Postcard Party

Evvie Harmon, our guest speaker at Saturday’s Breakfast meeting, shared with us her efforts to get over 90,000 postcards out to Democratic leaning voters across the state who haven’t voted in the past few years. This type of grass roots campaign is a critical part of electing James Smith as Governor of SC.

The Greenwood County Democratic Party is rising to the challenge to be one of the leading counties in the state to help in this endeavor. A group of Precinct Leaders gathered at the library this evening to hold a “postcard party”, knocking out almost 100 cards alone.

Here’s how you can participate.
1. Sign up as a volunteer using this online form. You can choose to host a party, join someone else’s party nearby or just go solo. Evvie will directly respond to you within a few days with instructions and possibly even a list of name and addresses, depending on what you sign up for.

2. Gather materials.

  • Postcard stamps can be acquired from the post office for 35 cents each. You can also purchase postcards with the postage pre-stamped
  • Postcards can be standard index cards. You can also by sheets of perforated postcards at Amazon (or Office Depot in Greenwood) for $10 for a package of 200 postcards.
  • Pens, highlighters, markers, crayons, stickers and anything else to make a postcard stand out.

3. Write those postcards! In addition to the addresses, Evvie will provide you the message to write on the back of the card. If you purchase the perforated sheets, you can even print out the message. But a personal touch is needed – so we at least recommend handwriting the addresses and a “Dear XXX” on the back.


If you have any questions, e-mail us at info@gwdcountydems.org and we’ll get back to you. We will also be having similar postcard endeavors for other candidates as well, so let’s get writing!

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