Letter from the Chair: A Candidate Forum at Cokesbury College

Cokesbury College, the first Methodist college founded in the US, was first located in Abingdon, Maryland and then Baltimore, Maryland from 1787-1796. The college is now located at 210 College Dr., Hodges, SC 29653

Hello GCDP,

The historic site of Cokesbury College is now managed by state legislative nominations and a gubernatorial appointment of commissioners. They manage the operations of the College for weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, etc. The College is booked predominantly year round and is open during the summer months for tours, which are conducted by a commissioner each Sunday from 2-5 PM.

This historic backdrop will play host to the first Democratic and Republican Candidate Forum. All candidates running for election on November 6th, 2018, or any elected officials wishing to come have a word or just mingle are invited to come join us. Candidates will have ten minutes to introduce or reintroduce themselves and share his/her platform.

The date and time for this event is scheduled for:

September 13, 2018

5:30 – 7:30 PM

This will be a great opportunity for candidates from both sides to be heard, so I am inviting all Democrats from Greenwood and the surrounding areas. Dress comfortably, as this event is slated for outdoors. Bring your own seating if you like. Come on out and mingle with friends and the candidates! Hot dogs and burgers will be available for purchase.

With Deepest Regard,

Charles Lewis

Chair Greenwood County Democratic Party

Commissioner Historic Cokesbury College



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