From the Desk of the Chair

Greetings Greenwood County Democrats,
As we move closer to 2020, we must revisit the issue of Real ID. Some of you have already taken care of this. For those of you who have not and wish to become better informed, I have invited a representative from the SC Department of Motor Vehicles to be the special guest speaker at our February Breakfast Meeting. Our country, and indeed our world, have changed in that we have to take precautions we never had to worry about before. Due to the need to keep us safe, our Department of Homeland Security has issued mandates to the states to have citizens update their driver’s licenses. Once you have done so, you will not need extra documentation when flying within the country, entering a federal building, or many other circumstances.
I know you have many questions: What is a Real ID? When can I get a Real ID? What do I need to get a Real ID? Come get the answers to those questions and more from someone who knows. Please invite family and or friends to come get informed.
I have also invited Garrett McDaniel, one of the Democratic candidates for SC House Seat 14. Mr. McDaniel will introduce himself and present his platform to you.
Looking forward to seeing you February 2nd at our monthly breakfast meeting.
Charles Lewis
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