From the Desk of the Chair

Hello, Greenwood Democrats:

I cannot contain my enthusiasm after Tuesday’s elections across the country! Kentucky is especially rewarding in that it is Moscow Mitch’s territory. Despite this, Kentucky elected Democrat Andy Beshear over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin. However, in true Republican form the governor refused to concede, just like in North Carolina. It would seem the GOP cannot believe they lost after Trump campaigned for them. Well wake up! People are paying attention, and at this point what is playing out on an international stage is making Americans very nervous (for example, when a foreign country’s leaders are allowed to operate freely inside the borders of America).

Let’s hear it for Virginia! This is a state that has been on my radar since the election of its first black Governor, Douglas Wilder, who served from 1990 – 1994. Virginia FLIPPED both the Senate and the House of Delegates. I was suspicious sometime back when the now sitting Governor Ralph Northam just seemed to out of nowhere have an old picture of him in black face surface, his Lt. Governor just happened to have some female accusers come forth with allegations of misconduct, and even the third guy had some allegations, as well. The Republican Party cannot win by following this President, and they are not above using any means necessary, and I do mean any.

Democrats, it is only 362 days before the November 3rd, 2020, Presidential election. There will also be city, county, state and Federal elections. The elections last Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, are a GREAT indicator of how the country is thinking and feeling. We cannot be complacent. I also do not think you are satisfied with the direction our country or our state are traveling in. We have some serious issues right here in South Carolina. We need Affordable Health Care in this state, and we need it yesterday. We need safe buses for our children to travel on, not used ones from other states. We need safe, paved roads to travel, higher wages for educators, a well-funded retirement system that is not threatening to run out of money, livable wages, and I could go on for about five more paragraphs, but I don’t want you to stop reading. The question I am asking is of those of you who tell me when we meet that you get our information online. What are you waiting on to get involved? We are all busy, but this is about our well-being here in South Carolina. If we don’t get up and get out there like these states that have shown us how it’s done, we will have to spend another four years waiting on someone else to do what we could have done for ourselves.

We must FLIP the SOUTH CAROLINA STATE HOUSE !!! YES WE CAN !!! JUST LIKE VIRGINIA. Republicans have been running things down there for over THIRTY YEARS (30+), and what do they have to show us, the people they work for? Nothing but power grabs and an opportunity to move into a greater position of a judgeship or college board, or even Ambassadorship. What about the people who sent you there no matter the level of government or the Party? WE THE PEOPLE deserve and demand accountability, and we are watching with PINK SLIPS IN HAND. COME JOIN US! WE NEED EACH OTHER.

I spoke with Presidential Candidate Senator Kamala Harris’ South Carolina Political Director Elias Valentin II this morning. If anyone would like to attend the event on Monday, November 11th, Veteran’s Day, please follow this link to register Everyone is welcome to attend, but a special welcome is being extended to veterans. Doors open at 12:15. Senator Harris is scheduled to speak at 12:45. Please come a little early, as a security check may be necessary.

Charles Lewis
Chair, GWCDP

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