Congratulations to the Newly Elected Leadership of the GWCDP!

County Convention Teleconference

During these extraordinary times, we were not permitted to have our usual County Party Convention at the Courthouse. However, we still had an obligation to the State Democratic Party and to the State of South Carolina to conduct our election of the County Party leadership and our Delegates to the State Convention.

Thanks to the guidance and efforts of our State Party, we were able to conduct this convention earlier this week with the following slate approved to lead the GWCDP for the next two years:

  • Bill Kimler, Chair
  • Michael Gaskin, 1st Vice Chair
  • Mei Kung, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Matthew Miller, 3rd Vice Chair
  • Cathie Swindell, Executive Committeewoman
  • Ella Hill, Alternate Executive Committeewoman
  • David Gaskin, Executive Committeeman
  • Rev James Thompson, Alternate Executive Committeeman

Congratulations to our newly elected leadership! Other positions (such as Treasurer and Secretary) will be voted on and filled by our Executive Committee. If you have interest in either of these positions, let us know. We will also be creating a wide variety of volunteer roles that may interest you and will help us achieve our goals of winning in November. Look to hear from us soon on that front!

The team will be working over the next week to solidify a strategy and identify actions we can be taking now, even while we still live in a “socially distant” world. Any ideas from our Party members is welcome! Just reply to this e-mail.

The list of Delegates to the State Convention is still being tallied, but if you signed up to be one at our Precinct Reorg (back in March) then you have been approved.

At this time, we have not received any word whether the Convention in Columbia is still on track for May 30. In the meantime, if you are interested in being a Delegate and representing the GWCDP at this event, please let us know. There are a number of spots still available.

Finally, we offer a sincere and wholehearted thanks to Charles Lewis, Denise Waldrep, Rodney Jones, and Lillian Thomas for volunteering their time and serving as GWCDP leaders these past few years. The SCDP Chair, Trav Robertson, called Charles out personally during the teleconvention to thank him for his efforts and friendship.

Time to Support our Candidates!
Our primary mission as a County Party is to support our Democratic candidates in November. We will be working closely with our candidates to help voters learn more about them and ensure the best voter turnout possible.

Our focus at this time are the following Democratic candidates:

  • State Senator Floyd Nicholson
  • State House Representative Anne Parks
  • State House Candidate Denise Waldrep
  • US Congressional Candidates Mark D Welch and Hosea Cleveland
  • US Senate Candidate Jaime Harrison
  • US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Stay tuned as we develop opportunities to hear their message and help spread the word as to why they are the BEST to represent our interests and our community.

Thank you, and please stay mindful and safe as we ride out the trials of this pandemic.

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