Opinion: “Buffoons with a death wish”

In the Index-Journal today, the main editorial came from the Boston Herald with the main point of decrying Jimmy Kimmel’s late night monologue railing against the recent protests. They were “offended” at the portrayal of those protesters being “buffoons” with a “death wish”.

Yet look at the political cartoon below. Usually, these cartoons are exaggerations meant to drive home a point. Yet this particular scene and these signs could literally be seen at hospitals and government buildings across the country. This is no exaggeration. The only thing missing are “Trump 2020” and “Q” signs which were also seen aplenty.

We are all suffering from the economic shutdown. And we should be intelligently discussing how to reopen our businesses safely so that we’re not putting peoples lives at risk just so they can earn a paycheck and deliver their company’s investors a profit.

But to claim conspiracies, to state that Democrats or “globalists” are intentionally stopping trade for some nefarious purpose… That’s just idiocy.

“Buffoons with a death wish” indeed. We think Jimmy got it perfectly right.

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