E is for Education

When I settled on the decision to run for Chair of the GWCDP (and after receiving buy-in from Michael, Mei, and Matthew to join with me) I sat down to do some serious thinking as to what our platform should be.

What should be the overall themes be for our Party leadership over the next two years?

After doing some freestyle brainstorming and organizing of thoughts, the pattern became clear. There were 4 pillars of activities that will drive our activities going forward:

  • Education
  • Unification
  • Participation
  • Communication

In this post, I’d like to share some ideas around Education: How can we help our members become more informed about the political issues of the day, the candidates we support, and the processes around voting and running for office?

This website and the associated social media platforms (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) will continue to grow with useful up-to-date information as well as provide a wealth of resources you can visit over and over. Find links to various Resources around Greenwood, SC political groups, elected official and candidate. Learn about registering to vote and how to apply for absentee ballots. Read up on the Democratic candidates that we support in November.

See our write-up in the May 5, 2020 newsletter for the links to these outlets and follow or share!

During election years, we have developed and distributed printed literature featuring the Democratic candidates on the ballot. We will be increasing our output and actively working to distribute this information into the hands of Greenwood County voters so they know who to support.

We’ll will host candidate forums, both online and in-person, so you can learn about their platform and engage in policy discussions.

Our public meetings will feature guest speakers who are engaged in community activism or have skill to share in focused workshops.

There are many points of view, even within our our Party. We should be engaging in issue discussions among ourselves, learning from each other’s experiences. One means to do that is having a “movie night” where we can gather together to watch a documentary or film about relevant political events. Have you seen the Obama-produced documentary, “American Factory“? Let’s do so together then discuss what we’ve learned.

Having a social debate or issues review night would be a great way to have food, drinks, and debate on social issues in a fun & feisty manner.

We’ll have focused trainings on how to use VoteBuilder to gain insights on our voting population, how to be effective at phonebanking, canvassing best practices, enaging on social media, and so on.

We want you be to empowered to make the best decisions when casting a vote. We want you to be armed with facts when engaging in political debate. We want you to be confident and proud to be a Democrat!

Next up: Thoughts on Unification!

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