Mother to Son 2020

by: Ebony Key
Inspired by Langston Hughes

Come here my son
Let me share a few secrets
Life for you won’t be no crystal stair
The way I see you
And how THEY see you is painfully different
Your gentle spirit
Your intelligent mind
Your melaninated skin and
Your promising smile
Ignites cruelty and injustice
Makes you a target
Wrong place, wrong time

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair
But life for you young King
Will be all but fair
We are in a world where
Foot on your neck
Takes on a whole new meaning
This conversation is hard to give
I want to prepare you for life
And equip you to live
With no regrets
Cautiously haunted by
The question of
Am I next?

To the mothers mourning
Life for us ain’t been no crystal stair
I pray for your heart
That has been shattered
For every #
Connected to BlackLivesMatter
For the pain that burns your ears
When your sons yell out for help
For your sleepless nights
And your distraught tears

Are you listening my son?
Please remember this secret
Life for you wont be no crystal stair
Because I love you
This talk is needed
Don’t give up
Don’t stop dreaming
I know how far you can go
I am confident you will exceed
You are valuable
You are loved
And the world will see it
Or see me

Ebony Key is the niece of 1st Vice Chair, Michael Gaskin

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