Follow the Money!

by George Swindell, Treasurer for the GWCDP

Super PAC money has now trickled down to the SC Senate Race between Senator Nicholson and Billy Garrett. The American Freedom and Opportunity PAC are funding the very negative direct mail material that many of us are receiving. Google searches reveal this PAC to be a reboot of the SC Republican Caucus which ran into trouble with the SC Supreme Court over political contributions. They are targeting Democratic incumbents across the State with money raised nationally, from mega donors. In their latest financial disclosure they show a series of seven cash infusions, totaling $771,000 from a single source, The Senate Victory Fund out of Alexandria, VA.

Do not sit out this election. Most of us are disgusted at the money being fed into the political process which was dramatically altered by the Conservative Supreme Court Justices in their 5-4 decision in the Citizens United case. Most importantly this is a local election and all of us need to vote based on what is best for Greenwood and SC and not confuse local politics with ideological struggles being waged above our pay grade. Senator Floyd Nicholson and Representative Anne Parks need to be re-elected and Denise Waldrep needs to join them in Columbia. There are too many lawyers in Columbia!

Read for yourself, below…

American Freedom & Opportunity PAC Summary

American Freedom & Opportunity PAC Donors

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