Newsletter for Nov 02, 2020

In this Newsletter:

  • Message from the Chair
  • Voting Rights
  • GWCDP News
  • Candidate Updates

Message from the Chair

It feels like this Election Cycle has been going on forever and at the same time it went by so fast! We began working towards this very day on Nov 9, 2016 with a goal of putting our country back in the right direction of decency, honesty, and forward progress. I stand proud at the amount of work that we’ve done to support our candidates and we’re already thinking about how we can do it even better for the 2022 election.

I will be watching tomorrow (and for several days after I’m sure) with confidence and hope for our future. Any of our local races could be decided by just a handful of votes – so you have until 7 pm tomorrow to arrive at a polling location to place your vote and to convince someone to go with you!

We’ll talk again on the other side. Best of luck to all of our candidates and prayers for all of our nation!

Voting Rights

Make sure you are aware of the following SEVEN polling location changes in Greenwood County for Nov 3, 2020.

You can download a full list of all 50 polling locations with maps from our website.


We held our final Virtual Breakfast Meeting before the election this past Saturday and the proceeding are available on YouTube for viewing. It has been broken up into 3 segments for easier consumption:

  • Part 1 – By the Numbers
    We recap the year with a set of numbers that measure what our Party has done for our candidates and voters this Election Cycle.
  • Part 2 – Election Day updates
    What to expect on Election Day. Poll watchers, ride-to-the-polls, emergency numbers to have on standby, and polling location changes.
  • Part 3 – Final thoughts and Open Forum
    We turn on the Zoom chat and hear from Sen Floyd Nicholson for some final remarks and welcome visitors from across the state.

As much as we would like to gather in person to watch as Election results roll in, with the national surge in Coronavirus cases, we do not feel it would be responsible to host an in-person gathering next week.

However, we will have a Zoom room open for you to stop by at any time and chat with others as we watch the results roll in!

Sign up at the Mobilize link below to receive the Zoom information:

Candidate News

SC House 13 candidate Denise Waldrep came out with a surprise television ad over the weekend. Did you happen to see it? If not, you can watch below & share with a friend.

Our candidates were serving up treats, not tricks, on Halloween at Magnolia Park. It was great to see Senator Floyd NicholsonRepresentative Anne Parks, SC House candidate Denise Waldrep, and City Councilman Matthew Miller engaging with and serving the community!

Please forward this to a family member or friend!

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