by Edith Childs

As Roe vs Wade 1973 has become a “hot topic”, the reality is that women’s fundamental human rights should never be treated as political ruins, that are won or lost. With the politicization, it has become hostile to women’s health and rights and has been successful in shaving away at the protections Roe vs Wade once provided. 

Women should have the right to make their own decisions concerning their bodies and health. There are various reasons and point of views as to why one would consider an abortion. There are underage girls, who have made mistakes and got pregnant. Some girls are too young to give the child a fair chance at life. Some girls are victims of trafficking, that resulted in unwanted pregnancies.

Some women have made the decision and chose not to be parents for various reasons. Some women have birth control mishaps, that results in pregnancy, while others could be rape or trafficking survivors. For this reason, some rape survivors attempt to harm themselves and/or the baby because they couldn’t get pass the memory a such tragedy. Therefore, any or all of these scenarios should be left up to a woman to make the decisions concerning “her” body.

Women awake to the reality of forcing the Heartbeat Bill S1. As an elected official and a woman, I feel the need to speak out on this issue. It’s called FETAL Heartbeat Bill. I find it disturbing that we have elected officials from Greenwood, SC on the state level making decisions for EVERY woman in S. C. However, no one has taken the time to speak with women or allow them the opportunity to make their own decisions. I believe, an abortion decision is between God, a woman, and her husband/or significant other and their Physician.

Women should continue to be accountable for their own bodies and actions! Just like the parable in the bible concerning the Samaritan woman at the well, who met Jesus. She began to grasp the reality of her encounter with Jesus, as the disciples returned. The disciples were shocked to find Jesus speaking to the Samaritan woman. Leaving behind her water jar, the woman returned to town, inviting everyone that she met to “Come, see a man, Jesus who told me everything that I ever did. John 4:29. This verse allows women to understand that they are responsible for their own actions. No man or woman, other than the individuals should be responsible for making such a life changing decision.

It’s unfortunate, when any man assumes the responsibility of being God and attempts to make decisions based upon what a woman can and can’t do with their bodies in regard to abortions. One should be reminded that a woman’s body should never be politicize. This is a direct attack on a women constitutionally protected rights to a safe abortion/essential reproductive health care.

With what is attempting to be done to stop the legalization of reproductive health care will cause women to seek out services that are unsafe and illegal abortion methods, in which will increase the death rates of illegal abortions and or some women.

It is not the 1920’s, when American women were given the rights to vote. While African Americans women were not afforded the same rights to vote until a half century later on 06 August 1965. Therefore, as a community of women, our rights should not be altered.

At times, we as the People’s elected officials overstep our boundaries. This is clearly an instance, in which the women’s rights are being violated, overlooked and in some states rejected.

Instead of the one up or who’s winning the most points. The only goal of these politicians is outlawing abortion at any cost, bullying women’s doctors from practicing, women are being robbed of access to safe and legal means of ending unintended/unwanted pregnancies. Women are losing resources from other vital services such as other health care services, including birth control, pregnancy treatment, annual exams, and even cancer screenings.

If one truly wants to help or assist women, let’s start with advocating for better access to life-saving obstetrics and gynecology care, contraception, abortion services and comprehensive and extensive sexual education information, as well as the prevention of forced sterilization and female genital mutilation.

QUESTION: Should every man that impregnates a woman, that results in pregnancy and/or abortion be mandated to have a vasectomy? According to medical professionals, it’s safer for a man to receive a vasectomy, than a woman having her tubes tied. The men’s healing process is shorter and safer, in comparison to a woman getting her tubes tied or an abortion.

Sincerely Written,
Edith S. Childs

Greenwood County Council Representative for District 1

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