McMaster wants to “hunt them [Democrats] with dogs”

The following statement comes from GWCDP 1st Vice Chair, Dr. Jumelle Brooks.

Roe vs. Wade, abortion rights, women’s rights, human rights, and our right to choose a political party that best represents our morals and values. Yes, Greenwood! Yes, South Carolina! That is what is at stake. I recently read a tweet from a reporter attending the South Carolina GOP Convention.

The statement by McMaster was horrific, but let us unpack that one sentence. If you weren’t fired up from reading that quote, I am confident you will be afterwards.

I look forward to the day – that is premeditation, Governor.

that Democrats – this is discriminating bullying, and it calls to ostracize a group of people

are so rare – that statement is disrespectful to opposing thought. It also leads one to
believe you’re unable to accept opposition so you plan to eliminate it.

that we – you’re referring to “we” as Republicans who are leaders of organizations. They are teachers, lawyers, doctors arm forces, police officers, business owners, small and large.

have – that elicits a requirement.

to hunt – violence, division, and illegal acts. It’s inhumane!

them – and when you’re saying “them,” you’re referring to Democrats who are also teachers, lawyers, doctors, protectors, advocates, leaders, law enforcement, members of the Armed Forces, business owners.

with dogs. – absolutely no words here.

The Governor appears to state that goal is to push for separation among groups that are typically homogenous and able to coexist. In a state that aggressively works to ban abortion, there are over just 5.2 million people, two-thirds are white, a quarter are Black, 6% are Hispanic and 2% are more than one race; the Governor has the nerve to insinuate eradication and THAT is blatant disrespect to the government and the citizens of the state.

In response to the Governor’s statement, I promise to allocate time and resources to work to dismantle his vision, I plan to work to ensure that no man can control a woman’s mind or body. I plan to work to ensure that black and brown boys are included in plans other than filling the prison pipeline. I plan to work to ensure that citizens have access to good quality healthcare resources. I plan to work to ensure that public education is excellent education. I plan to work to build a state a country that is reflective of the most sacred pledge. You know, the one that if you don’t stand just right and place your hand just right over your heart, you’re not American enough. The one that says one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Wait, I think I get it. Based on the Governor’s message, it appears that violence, division, and end of life is only OK when you do it as a Republican. Are you wondering what the Governor would plan to do with those “rare” Democrats when he hunts them down with dogs and are caught? Mr. Governor, you don’t have to come looking for the Democrats. We believe in our people, state, and country! We are not hiding, we will come to you!

See you in 2024 as we began to dismantle the plan. Oh, and by the way, Governor… “your slip is showing!”

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