Are you considering making a difference in the community by running for an elected position?
FANTASTIC! Let’s see what we can do to help!

What the GWCDP can offer you

  • A network of local Democratic Party leadership and elected officials to provide guidance and mentorship
  • Introduction into the greater South Carolina Democratic Party and their resources
  • Training and support for spreading your word on social media
  • Access to a pool of local volunteers eager to assist in the Democratic Party cause

What are some of the electable offices that one can run for?

But first… learn about the Ballot Access Laws for SC.
Candidate filing opens on March 16 and the deadline is March 30, 2018!

US Congress

Greenwood Country is part of South Carolina Congressional District 3.

SC-3 is currently represented by Republican Jeff Duncan.

Two Democratic candidates have declared for the upcoming Nov 2018 election:

The Federal Election Commission has information on what is required to run for a Congressional seat. Of special note is the article “Preparing for the next election (2018)“.

State Senate

[from] The Senate consists of 46 members who are elected from single member districts of approximately 87,200 citizens. Senators must be citizens of the United States and the State of South Carolina, at least 25 years old at the time of their election, and residents of the district in which they are elected. Senators serve four year terms.

District 04 – Mike Gambrell (R), through Nov 2020
Includes portions of Abbeville County, Anderson County, and Greenwood County.

District 10 – Floyd Nicholson (D), through Nov 2020
Includes portions of Abbeville County, Greenwood County, McCormick County and Saluda County.

State House of Representatives

[from] The South Carolina House of Representatives consists of 124 part-time citizen legislators elected every two years to represent our state’s 124 separate single-member districts. All seats are up for election in 2018.

District 12 – J. Anne Parks (D), Greenwood & McCormick Counties since 1999

District 13 – John R. McCravy, III (R), Greenwood County since 2016

District 14 – Michael A. Pitts (R), Greenwood & Laurens Counties since 2003

Greenwood County

Home to nearly 70,000 residents, Greenwood County includes Greenwood, Hodges, Ninety-Six, and Troy. Click on the map to the right to see it in detail.

The county seat is right here in Greenwood.

County Council

District 1 –  Edith S. Childs (D), through Dec 2018

District 2 – Mark Allison, through Dec 2018

District 3 – Gonza L. Bryant (D), through Dec 2018

District 4 – Chuck Moates, through Dec 2020

District 5 – Steve Brown (R), through Dec 2020

District 6 – Robbie Templeton (R), through Dec 2020

District 7 – Theo Lane (R), through Dec 2020

Other positions

Probate Judge

Soil & Water Commissioner

City of Greenwood

Over 23,000 residents live in the City of Greenwood. Below are some of the key elected positions which are held for 4-year terms.


Currently held by Welborn Adams (D), through Nov 2018

City Council

Ward 1 – Niki Hutto, through Nov 2020

Ward 2 – Linda Edwards (D), through Nov 2018

Ward 3 – Betty Boles (D), through Nov 2020

Ward 4 – Kenn Wiltshire (I), through Nov 2018

Ward 5 – Matthew Miller (D), through Nov 2020

Ward 6 – Ronnie Ables (I), through Nov 2018

School Districts

Greenwood School District 50

Greenwood School District 51

Greenwood School District 52

96 School District

Other references