What’s That Smell?

A message from Trav Robertson, Chair, South Carolina Democratic Party


If you noticed a horrible smell in the Upstate yesterday don’t be alarmed. It was just the smell of Swamp Water blowing in from Washington, D.C.

Yesterday evening [Monday] the least popular U.S. President in recent history flew into South Carolina to support an unpopular Governor who is mired in a scandal and facing a stiff challenge from yet another Republican “outsider” who has spent the last 7+ years working in state government.

Lest we forget, this divisive U.S. President has attacked both the German automotive industry and the healthcare system, two critically important employers in the Upstate.

Clearly, Donald Trump and his good friend Henry McMaster don’t care about your jobs or your health, but they’ll happily take your money.

Of course if you don’t like those two choices the Republicans will happily let you vote for Catherine Templeton, whose tenure as head of DHEC oversaw a massive tuberculosis outbreak and worked harder to cover it up than they did to care for the at-risk children.

Please don’t sit idly as the very people who define the Swamp hold secret fundraisers and plot against us in our own backyard.

As your voice, the South Carolina Democratic Party was on the front-lines, standing with dozens of other organizations and hundreds of our fellow South Carolinians to say enough is enough!

We’ve had it with being lied to by professional politicians who position themselves as outsiders while making a career out of living off our taxes.

We’re fed up with governing by Twitter while everyday South Carolinians suffer under their policies.

As your Chairman, I am going to continue to fight against the endless stream of Republican lies, to push back against the Republican Culture of Corruption and to call out Republican hypocrisy every time.

If you’re fed up too, help us keep the pressure on. Make a donation today so we can make sure OUR voices are heard and we can hold these two-face politicians accountable. Otherwise we can expect more of these closed-to-the-public fundraisers, where the people who profit from attacking our jobs and endangering our health continue to secretly buy politicians who protect their interests, not ours!


Trav Robertson
Chair, South Carolina Democratic Party

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