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Message from the ChairTaxation without representation – a 4th of July message
GWCDP NewsPrecinct Recruitment Info Session this Saturday
In-person Breakfast Meetings resume
Democratic gathering at the Taylors
Interact with us on Facebook!
Upcoming Elections & Voting RightsNinety Six elections in November
SCDP’s Register 46 Project
Our CommunityAdopt-a-Highway cleanup event a success!
Ware Shoals Children Enrichment Fundraiser
United Way offering Rental Assistance Program
News & NoteworthyReal ID still really happening 
Upcoming Events 

Message from the Chair

Happy 4th of July!

Almost 250 years ago, our founding fathers declared this nation’s independence from the oppressive rule of England. The Second Continental Congress of the 13 Colonies publicly stated NO MORE taxation without representation.

Today, that battle cry still rings true. 700,000 residents of Washington, DC pay federal tax and yet have no voting representation in Congress. Same holds true for numerous US territories whose sons and daughters have sacrificed their lives defending our country.

Even in the 50 recognized States, the march towards a representative body that accurately represents the population has been slow. Too slow!

In South Carolina, only a little over half the votes cast were for Donald Trump for President in 2020. The numbers were even tighter for US Senate. Yet thanks to gerrymandering, over 65% of the SC Senate and House are held by Republican legislators. Representation indeed!

While we still struggle to have our voices heard, we will continue to fight for our freedoms and the freedoms of others to pursue our dreams and practice our beliefs, doing so without needing to discriminate or oppress others in the process. And like the founding fathers, we will, through hard work and dedication, succeed!


Precinct Recruitment Info Session this Saturday
If you’re looking to get involved with the Greenwood Democrats, raising your hand to be a Precinct Leader is a perfect way to do so!

This Saturday (Jul 3) at 9 am, meet virtually with the GWCDP Chair to learn what it means to be a “Precinct Leader”. See our CRAWL-WALK-RUN method that will gradually make your precinct a powerfully active part of the Greenwood County Democratic Party.

  • Why is it important?
  • What does it involve?
  • How much experience is needed?
  • How much time commitment will it require?

Click on the image below to sign up and join this 30 minute info session!

In-person Breakfast Meetings resume

We’re excited as we prepare to relaunch our in-person Breakfast Meetings in grand fashion on Saturday, Jul 10! 

Guest speakers:

  • Angela Geter, candidate for US Senate
  • Johanna Bishop, School Board member for GWD50
  • Jalen Elrod, SCDP 3rd Vice Chair
  • Candy Fletcher, Executive Producer of the upcoming documentary Downing of a Flag

(click image to the right to see a larger version)

Although it is an outdoor setting, we want to ensure we have enough food and space available. We’ve had tremendous response so far, so please RSVP as soon as possible! You can do so online or call/text (864) 715-2341.

Democratic Gathering at the Taylors
Thank you to Hal and Paula Taylor for hosting a Democratic Party update with Chair Bill Kimler this past week! Over a dozen in attendance received a Year-in-Review presentation followed by an open discussion on issues and future plans. If you would like to host a similar event for your neighbors and friends, contact us at

Interact with us on Facebook!
For real-time updates and to interact with other Democrats in the region, Facebook is still a great platform!

Follow our official page for updates, events, and announcements.

And then join our private group to share information, ask questions, vent, and to offer words of encouragement!

Upcoming Elections & Voting Rights

Ninety Six elections in November
Most of the election chatter is about 2022, but we do have an Election coming up on Nov 2, 2021 here in Greenwood County!

Representatives from Ward 1, Ward 3, and Ward 5.are up for election in the Ninety Six Town Council.

If you reside in any of these Wards, consider performing a public service by running for Town Council! If you have even the slightest interest or are just curious, fill out this information form and someone will follow up with you!

SCDP’s Register 46 Project
During this “off” election year, the South Carolina Democratic Party has been very busy planning for a Voting Registration drive like never before. 

Called “Register 46”, the initiative is to identify and register hundreds of thousands of potential Democratic-leaning voters across all of South Carolina’s 46 counties. You can read the detailed plan here if you are interested in learning more about it!

Right now, the program is being piloted in York, Sumter, and Greenville counties. The lessons learned there will shape how this effort goes forth in the remaining counties. When it’s Greenwood’s turn, we look forward to your help in making it a successful drive!

Our Community

Adopt-a-Highway cleanup event a success!
On Saturday, June 26, fourteen volunteers took part in helping clean a mile-long segment of Cokesbury St.

Our Chair, Bill Kimler, posted a video message of gratitude. Thank you to all who helped us make a positive mark on our community!

Ahmad HartMei KungBill RamseyZhen & Jing Ramsey
Jill KoczwaraBill KimlerGeorge SwindellJanis Puzar
Alaine SullivanMatthew MillerAnne GunbyJames Gunby
Laine Horowitz (snacks)Wanda Moore (coordinator)

Ware Shoals Children Enrichment Fundraiser
Valerie Jackson, a newly elected councilwoman for Ware Shoals, has asked to partner with our Community Care Movement to assist in raising funds for a summer enrichment program for the youth of Ware Shoals called “Children’s Escape Zone Camp”.

Ware Shoals has over 30% of its residents living with income below the poverty level. That’s compared to 13.8% state wide!

Our Community Care Movement director, Wanda Moore, thought it to be a perfect opportunity for us to be a force for positive change. Time is running short – so please contact one of the members below right away to contribute to a great cause on behalf of the GWCDP!

United Way offering Rental Assistance Program

The United Way of the Lakelands may be in a position to assist qualifying individuals with past due rent and utilities for those at risk of eviction or disconnection.

If you or someone you know finds yourself in this position due to recent COVID hardships, please visit the United Way’s web site for information about this program and how to contact them for an appointment.

News & Noteworthy

Real ID really still happening!
We’ve been talking about it for years and multiple deadlines have been postponed due to the COVID pandemic. Recently, Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas has announced that the Department of Homeland Security is extending the Real ID full-enforcement date to May 3, 2023. This will be needed in order to travel on an airplane or to visit any federal building or military base.

South Carolina currently offers Real ID compliant drivers licenses and identification cards. To obtain a Real ID at any SCDMV office at a cost of $25, a person needs to provide:

  • A government-issued birth certificate or U.S. passport.
  • Proof of Social Security number.
  • Two proofs of current S.C. address.
  • Records of any name changes.

Source: The Times & Democrat of Orangeburg

Upcoming Events

Ware Shoals Children’s Enrichment Drawing
Fri, Jul 2
See above for more info

Precinct Leader Info Session
Sat, Jul 3
9 am – 9:30 am

Puppet Parade for America
Sat, Jul 3
10 am – 1 pm
Suzy’s Puppets at Penn’s Place

Independence Day!
Sun, Jul 4

GWD County Council
Tue, Jul 6
5:30 pm
Greenwood Public Library
Watch on YouTube

In-Person Breakfast Meeting
Sat, Jul 10
9 am – 11 am
HeadleyDowns Manor

GWCDP Exec Committee Mtg
Thu Jul 15
6 pm – 7 pm

Greenwood City Council
Mon, Jun 19
5:30 pm
Municipal Building
520 Monument St
Watch on FB Live

GWD County Council
Tue, Jul 20
5:30 pm
Greenwood Public Library
Watch on YouTube

Bill Kimler on Finding Me Podcast
Thu, Jul 27
6:00 pm
Live on Facebook

Floyd’s Fish Fry & Cookout
Sat, Sep 11
11 am – 3 pm
Boys & Girls Club

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